Part 2: Stripped naked, strapped down & victimized…..

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He rested his body into the contours of the bench as we circled around him locking his limbs into the irons and strapping down him inch by inch. Perhaps we tightened things a bit more than we needed to, but no matter, we weren’t about to be bothered by something so trivial at this point. …this would not take long.

I fastened his head deep into the head rest and again Julia drew her shears to cut a little mouth hole in the thick black hood. From the corner of my eye I could see her fitting herself with a shockingly large strap on. I was concerned for a moment that she’d just go at him without so much as a warm up, but for months, I had instructed him to always make sure he’d stretched himself out before showing up to my dungeon. If he’d followed instructions, he’d be just fine.

He looked so fragile and helpless, dangling like a rag doll in my oversized bondage bench. Every bit of his masculinity had been stripped away as Julia took her position behind him and plunged herself deep.  I simply couldn’t help myself by joining in the fun, fixing myself with my very own, nearly famous, 10 inch strap on. I waved it in his face, smacking his forehead with its impressively thick tip.

“Open your mouth”, I commanded.

His full lips quivered as they fell open to accommodate my girthy tool. I held back as long as I could but I barely waited to see his teeth part before forcing as much of my hard determined cock into his mouth as I could.  Julia, realized he was now inescapably gagged by my thrusting hips, and took it upon herself to push herself inside him in tandem.

He let out a low, defiant  moan,  which unfortunately opened his esophagus enough for me to trap him into a viscous deep throat motion. We pressed into him faster and faster, his body writhing and slithering in the thick iron restraints. We shrieked and laughed endlessly, mocked his pathetic predicament. As terrible as it was, this is what he truly wanted – absolute objectification.

I pulled out of his mouth only long enough to rip the hood from his face, he stared up at me with a beautiful mix of fear, happiness and bliss. I began to stroke my silicone cock hard and fast, building up to a curious trick I had up my sleeve… Julia began pounding him faster, knowing what was about to happen…

I threw my head back and released the valve on my strap on, unleashing a torrent of fluid (cornstarch/water) which so perfectly mimicked a furious and violent release all over his twisted face. He was in shock….

Julia moments later, pulled out and positioned herself in front of him as well, removing the covering from her cock and in the same fashion began to jerk herself off. I unfastened the restraints from the face rest and pulled him up by the hair, grabbing his jaw with my other hand to open his gaping mouth wide open as she too ‘came’ in his face.

We waited until his breathing had slowed before unlocking him from my device and laying him out on the floor. He looked entirely used up, dripping in our fluids with a permanent grin plastered from ear to ear. I always love seeing someone melt into bliss as they realize their fantasy is even better when played out in reality….

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7 Thoughts to “Part 2: Stripped naked, strapped down & victimized…..”

  1. Dear Domina Victoria Rage – it is a pleasure to read Your adventures and enriches my life. I am thankful for that. Did You ever consider to write a book with all these stories? That would be great – the book could be illustrated with stylish black and white pictures of You. If i was in Seattle i would make the job for free – have a wonderful day!

  2. Basil

    Brilliant! You *do* have a wicked habit of making the reality even better than the fantasy.

  3. Zodd

    Made the mistake of reading this in one of the reatroom stalls. Did not know I could get so hard and excited so fast.


  4. Gordon Giltrap

    The balance of power is shifting – old paradigms destroyed – enlightened, courageous Women are the new Masters!

  5. Aldeap

    Wonderful story, amazing imagem, 🙂 how you do the mixture of cornstarch/water? proportions etc

  6. I absolutely love the added twist of the “fluid” in his face. Spot on fan-fucking-tastic!!

    I bet that blissed out look gave both you ladies tremendous satisfaction.

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