New Session Offering – Phone Appointments!



Are you the type who has a hard time being away from your Mistress in between visits?

Do you  ache to connect with me, share your progresses and shortcomings or simply chat about your fantasies?


Well, you asked for it!!!  Starting tomorrow March 27th 2013, I’ll be happy to tempt you with a new offering! For those who need a little ‘extra’ attention outside the dungeon, phone sessions will be a smashing addition to my repertoire.

Aside from those who benefit from having a little heavy-handed guidance between visits, this may also appeal to playmates who have length fantasy ideas to share, multi paged scripts they want to discuss, financially dominated pets who want to spoil me  or for you boys who want to have your ‘pre session chat’ before you arrive to the dungeon. All of those indispensable details can be sorted out so you can just be ‘taken’ from the moment you enter my space if you’d like to forgo the otherwise required sit down chat. Chastity boys will also find this to be of particular interest since many of you aren’t able to visit me in person due to distance. Tease, denial and correctional sessions will be especially to my caged up little darlings!


Since the devil is in the details,  without further ado, beginning Wednesday March 27th, this will go live as an offering with the following tribute requirements.

15 minutes: $50

30 minutes $100

45 mins $125


Tributes will be paid via e-gift card to my Yahoo account (

As with any other session, phone appointments will need to be scheduled in advance, though same day chats will almost always be possible.

When requesting a short notice phone session, do keep in mind that while most amazon e-gift cards come through almost instantly, they can occasionally take up to two hours to receive on my end.  Sessions will be scheduled only AFTER payment has been received.

To make things a bit easier, you are entirely are welcome to pre-pay in order to better prepare for short notice needs and visiting in person clients are welcome to pre-pay in cash if they’d like when you come to visit in person.


I’m very excited to test out this offering so I’ll be looking forward to chatting with you kinkophiles in the near future 😉


Pleasant Dreams!






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