New Chastity Offering!!!

Do you ache to feel the restriction of a rigid chastity device closed snugly around your family jewels? Are you stirred by the thought of your most primal of impulses being under the tight lock and key of a firm and austere Dominatrix?

If this post ignites a sensation deep within you, a pang of longing perhaps, to surrender your very sexuality over to me, then do read on!




As many of you know, I’m VERY fond of key holding practices. Whether that simply means imposing rules on when, where and how often you’re permitted to touch yourself…or perhaps something more intricate where you’re left hopelessly locked up until you’ve done something to deserve a bit of time out of your cage; I revel in being the gate keeper!

So, local or not, I’m happy to unveil my newest of offerings… Feel free to take a peek at your options!


Locking Up

Local Visitors:  It is my preference to initially lock you into the device myself, and if such things are new to you, I’ll want demonstrate proper cleaning and maintenance. This is best done as a high protocol session lasting one hour, but it can easily be made a part of any appointment – especially those revolving around cruel tease and denial or medical play.

Distance Training: For those I won’t have the pleasure of seeing in person, I will require you to send me a photo before and after you’ve locked your device on. One key will be mailed to me and another you will put in a safe but not easily accessed location. For those using serial coded locks, I will require a photo of you in the device next to today’s newspaper with all digits clearly visible.


Available Programs

Inactive Key Holding: $25/wk and includes very minimal contact. This is simply an option for those who enjoy being held accountable but don’t require a lot of interaction. You will send one photo a week noting your progress and displaying a photo of yourself still locked up tight, my responses will be prompt but brief. (This option is free if I see you once weekly in person)

Basic Key Holding: $50/wk and includes a weekly check in of your progress and instructions for self teasing, mandatory porn viewing, ‘no touching’ rules, time out of the cage, or anything else my devious mind comes up with.

Active Key Holding: $100/wk and includes 2 weekly emails to monitor your progress, rewards or punishment meted out as needed and various instructions as noted above under the ‘basic option’. 


Payment Options 

Cash (in person only) E-Gift Card  (send to

Note: Programs only begin once payment has been received.


Recommended Device

Of course, you may use any cock cage you’d like, but as someone who has put my hands on MANY a chastity device, I know that comfort and ease of use are vital in a successful lock up. For this reason, the only device that has my gleaming endorsement is

Their indestructible medical grade silicone design allows for flexibility in movement while still keeping things perfectly secure. Also, since it’s NOT made of  cheap plastic (as the CB6000 is), it’s easily cleaned and non porous for easy sanitation.

Last but not least, it requires accurate measurement of your genitals to ensure the an individual fit, making it much more discreet and comfortable. You will be responsible for supplying your own device, so please choose wisely!


Note: For those using the CB6000, be aware they are available on ebay for a fraction of the price as you’ll see in stores. They are suitable for short term play but do use caution as they are just plastic and come with all the pitfalls of such a flimsy material. 



Ready to Begin???

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