The Return of Same Day Sessions!

It’s been a long time…. a VERY long time, since I’ve had the room in my personal schedule to accommodate same day requests.

At one point, I distinctly remember such random rendezvous being the vast majority of my bookings. But as such things go, as time went on, standing sessions with regulars had my calendar mostly spoken for well in advance. While that’s been good for me, I know many of you have had to try and try again to get your chance to darken my doorstep.  Well, that’s about to change!

Much to my delight, this time of year my personal obligations are fewer – once again freeing me up to accommodate those of you who aren’t afforded the luxury or advance booking! 

So, if you’re one of those playmates who finds themselves in need of such flexibility, or if you’ve just had a hard time syncing schedules with me lately, feel free to call (email will not work for same day sessions) and let’s see what we can work out!

Now that the days are beginning to feel a bit longer, why don’t we make the most of that extra daylight? (grin)




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