Update: No More Grandfathered Rates!

Alright boys, just your attention for a quick moment…

A month back, I made a post that I will be grandfathering previous rates to all regulars who have seen me at least 3 times within the last year. At the time, that sounded like a wonderful, minimally invasive way to pick up the slack between my costs and my income. Providing you a big dungeon full of the finest gear doesn’t come cheap, you know!

Lo and behold, my accountant pointed out that nearly 90% of the people I entertain fit into that category so if I’m looking for a little balance, that isn’t the solution.

So,  from today forward, my rate will be set at $220 for the first hour for EVERYONE without exception. If this cause caused confusion or inconvenience, I apologize. I sincerely value the visits from my returning friends enormously and I hope that’s still understood despite this minor change. 

Now, consider yourselves updated!!!






….Stay tuned for a sexy blog of me with a massive dildo!!!

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