A Peek Into ‘The Summoning Room’

Thanks to the help of my new wide angle lens, I’ve finally been able to capture a single photo that covers nearly a full room in one shot! Perhaps it’s not the best picture, but I’m just getting around to figuring out how to use my (now a year old) camera. Man…. is the shutter speed S-L-O-W!!!!! A simple fix, I’m sure, but I’m dragging my heels reading the handy 82 page booklet.  82 pages…realllllly?

Anyhow, not too bad for a really large dark room!

The Summoning Room



Most photo inquiries used to be for pictures of my feet or something more vulgar (ha!), but now I seem to get a LOT asking just to see my dungeon itself.  I think guys are just just now getting hip to the fact that not every woman who advertises has a fully equipped space at her fingertips. These aren’t cheap or easy to come by afterall!

Admittedly, there are still two other spaces to my studio; a medical room and domestic lounge, but I may save those pics for a rainy day. Though, yesterday I saw someone purchased a large oriental rug I had listed on my Amazon wish list. Maybe, just maybe I’ll share a photo once I lay it out in my lounge. How would I be able to resist?


Now, let’s hope you all don’t realize I’m scrambling for content today….



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