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  1. Bravissimo! As always you’ve managed to convey your thoughts on a delicate topic without alienating your adoring subjects.

  2. It did happen with me. And I didn’t ask for it, though I am very glad she saw enough potential in me to make me her personal slave.

    I would like to emphasize that Mistress Victoria means exactly what she says. If Mistress Victoria does eventually decide to take you or anyone else as a personal slave then that is exactly what she will expect: that you are her property. That doesn’t come natural even to someone who is very submissive, but she is more than capable of teaching a willing student how to think and act as her slave.

    Glory Holes

  3. This is both a diplomatic and brave answer to a question that probably comes up far more than it should! Actually when clients pose this, it really puts the ProDomme in an awkward situation… don’t want to hurt the client’s feelings but yet need to stress the boundaries that a pro-client relationship implies.

    That said, what a pro does in her personal life is her business, and if she is so inclined, then I (as a client) would let her make that call and initiate discussion if appropriate to both parties’ situations.

    As a longtime client myself, I saw the same pro exclusively for around 10 years. And yeah, there were times when my feelings wandered into that domain and I had to remind myself that I knew what the deal was when I entered into a client relationship. I think because I didn’t push it, I did get some “perks” that perhaps I wouldn’t have otherwise… such as invites to (lifestyle) private play parties (off the clock) and so on. I have a feeling if I had been pushy asking about personal roles and whatnot, I’d have worked myself down the priority list!

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