I have a feeling that I will immediately regret this post once it goes live. As hard as I try to keep my personal and professional proclivities separate, especially in a wide scale forum like this, sometimes I just can’t help myself. My work and I are often one in the same, especially in a business where your commodity is yourself!

So, I received an email the other day from a gentle young man who wondered if I ever find some of my clients to be ‘personal slave’ worthy. His words, not mine!

It was *almost* charming in the way he asked, clearly hoping that without having met me, he and I might one day have this glorious future as a proud Mistress and her obedient pet. Charming, but not something I could answer to someone I’ve never met. The question though, is a good one!

Do I ever take my clients on to be personal slaves?

First, before I get carried away, let me just knock out that term….I loathe the term slave when used too casually.

The idea of slavery is most often a complete fantasy. When compared to someone who truly subscribes to the lifestyle, the flippant use of the word tarnishes the image of that rare someone who really wants to be 100% subject to the whims of another.  When I do assign terms, I don’t do so lightly. Now, the endearment of personal submissive or personal pet – yes! But I get what he meant in his question.

Do I ever find someone so compelling, so fit to match my needs as a Top, that I allow them to become more than an afternoon guest in my dungeon?

At the risk of outing myself, yes, yes I do.  It does NOT happen often, but it has happened.

There comes a certain point in a ladies career where most of her business is made up of  regular visitors. Naturally, when you see the same faces week after week, you can’t help but take things a bit more personally than if it were a rotation of strangers. Their needs start to fluctuate with mine, scenes become a real give and take of fantasy ideas and my personal influence becomes more and more substantial in their everyday lives. Now, this isn’t the case with EVERY regular visitor, especially since many aren’t submissive at all or they like to keep their kink as just a separate fraction of their lives….but it still gets to be more personal.

There’s a part of me as a lifestyle Mistress that causes me to see potential in a particular relationship and I want to see what comes of it. Fortunately, I do have the safety in keeping this on a professional level (as in we will always arrange time by scheduled date, there will always be a tribute and you will always have complete confidentiality) not just for my privacy but for that of my client as well. I almost never broach the subject…but sometimes, it just sort of happens. (right, glory holes?)

In short, my meek emailer, I do see budding relationships with many a guest, but where those relationships go is the direct result of a long term interaction…it has never happened because someone simply asked.