Happy Friday!

I really hope you boys are off to a better end of your week than I am.

I’ve just spent the better part of my morning combing through my archive of photos looking for inspiration when I came across one that I never seem to have used. ┬áI was very surprised to see just how many snapshots I’ve collected over the years (thousands) but apparently, at one point I must have liked this one enough to separate it from a bunch of ‘failed’ images. Why I never got around to using it, I’ll just never know.

It’s always an odd thing when that happens because so much time, effort, money and energy go into a photo shoot that it’s hard to believe you’d let some gems fall through the cracks along the way. Anyway, believe it or not, this is a candid.

My photog had to use some REALLY bright flash lighting to get the look she was after and this was a natural ┬áreaction to the intensity. I suppose this will be the closest I ever get to a damsel in distress look…

Anyway, as usual – another photo shoot is in the works. My last one regrettably didn’t yield the type of images I had hoped for, so I’m giving it another go as soon as the bulk order of toys, corsets and latex I ordered over Memorial Day weekend arrives.


Oddly, I’m *really* looking forward to this one.






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3 Thoughts to “Happy Friday!”

  1. Dear Domina Rage,

    I really like this shot too. Even caught by surprise, this ‘damsel’ looks ready to give ‘distress’ a good smacking! And I also like the way Your dress struggles to contain Your Feminine sensuality;-)

    Humbly Yours,

  2. This is a nice blog about BDSM! Thanks. I will visit more.

  3. rbrain56

    What a lovely photo. Wish I could polish that dress for you, or just admire my suffering reflection in it.

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