Safe Sounding: Boldly going where you have not gone before!

Penetrative play seems to be all the rage these days, anal is no longer a taboo and our minds are slowly opening to the idea of careful and deliberate insertion and exploration of other orifices. Frankly, this couldn’t have come at a better time. You boys need to be prodded. Oh yes, you do!

What was once nothing more than a cringe worthy medical procedure is now a highly erotic form of play, and when done correctly, it can be absolutely mind blowing. Nothing is as sweet as that *first* perfect experience, but getting started can be a little intimidating and if you’re not visiting a professional the first time around, I’d like to give you a brief rundown for the best – and safest – way to go about it!

First and foremost, when picking your toys don’t just Google the words ‘urethral sounds’ and expect the highest quality toy to magically present itself on your screen. No. Often times cheaply priced sounds can be made of inferior products that can easy rust when wet. Disgusting! Go ahead and use the phrase “Medical Grade Steele: Urethral Sounds”. Only medical grade steele or “surgical steel’ is truly non porous and safe for internal use. Everything else is considered more of a ‘novelty toy’. There are a variety available on the market  but for novices, you’ll need to consider more than just the type of material it’s composed of – shape and size will play a huge factor as well. I seriously recommend going with a long set with a stopper on the end.


Think This


Not This



Since you’ll be lubricating your toys before insertion, just make absolutely sure you have a series that feels comfortable in your grip and that won’t slip out of your fingers. Short sets without a cap can EASILY slip all the way into the urethra if you lose your handle on them. It’s just as horrifying as it sounds if you don’t have someone experienced near by to remove the toy. Believe me, this isn’t an obstacle you’ll want to overcome your first time around.  Just get the longer set with a stopper, even if the others you see are cheaper.


Now, when everything arrives, don’t delude yourself into thinking these are ready for use. By no means are they shipped in sterile condition – you will need to clean these more thoroughly than you’ve ever cleaned an object before!

If you’re the only one using your toys – you can just give them a rinse with antibacterial soap and either boil them for 3 minutes or run them through a clean dishwasher with a spoonful of bleach. Another quick rinse after that and a quick application of 90%+ rubbing alcohol before use.

If you’re sharing toys or visiting a professional who uses sounds for multiple visitors, more diligent standards will apply.  Soap and water wash, then a trip through an autoclave or pressure cooker, a rub with 99% rubbing alcohol and a rest on sterile gauze before use. If engaging in penetrative play with someone providing the toys: make absolutely certain they follow a strict cleaning process!!!!! This is YOUR health on the line here.

Once clean and prepped you’re ready to go (Finally)!  Pick a lube that works for you, silicone based is great but others are fine too and select the size toy that most closely matches your urethral opening. If you’ve bought a large set, there may be some VERY small sizes which can have sharp tips. Don’t use those until you’re a bit more skilled! Small sounds can easily puncture the urethral wall causing pain, cutting or scarring (in a worst case scenario).

Go slowly at first, feeling out the sensations at a leisurely pace. Enjoy them! You should feel ‘full or gently stretched’ NOT ripped apart. There should be no sharp pain, no sensation of tearing. If you feel anything amiss – stop – just stop immediately and discontinue. Make sure to let gravity to all the work in letting the sound drop into your body , never shove or force it. Just a slow gentle decent into the dark unknown….

Pain is a rarity and typically only occurs with misuse or in cases where individuals have a narrow urethra. So don’t fret too much about all my disclaimers, it should feel….amazing!

Fans of violation or medical exams in general, typically relish the sensation of being so personally invaded: frankly it’s pretty damn hot! Especially if you touch a small vibrator to the end of the sound, those sensations are simply transcendent!

Advance users can work into using larger or multiple sounds at the same time, electrifying them, adding heat or cool temperatures to create varying sensations and even use certain essential oils/tinctures to generate lasting warm, burning, icy or freezing temperatures. All to your liking and tolerance of course.

Here’s wishing you safe and sexy exploration!

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3 Thoughts to “Safe Sounding: Boldly going where you have not gone before!”

  1. I can say a bit about this from the other side. For me it’s en enormous violation. It is so shocking to have a metal rod inserted into your penis. People often describe being pegged as a violation but that has nothing on a sounding.

    There is no real physical pain to speak of (unless larger rods are used to stretch the urethra out in which case there can be a little bit) but for me it’s such an extreme violation that it was very hard to handle. Though I am getting better at handling it.

    It’s not just that it’s a rod going into your penis, it’s how very far that rod can go. And once it stopped feeling like a cataclysm I’d start to get hard. And *that* is a total mind fuck.

  2. I finally fit a longer sound “all the way”, recently. It’s one of toys electro-toys also, which adds an interesting twist! Sounding alone is very hot. I really love to watch a mistress sound a guy’s cock, like you said it’s such an invasion of a most private nature it’s super sexy!

  3. Joe

    I would very much recommend the one with a stopper as well. I’m new to this did a bit of reading and lot’s of places said the Heger ones are good….. let me tell you I was going all the way in with one of those and it turned slipped from between my fingers and just vanished and FAST too.

    I’ve had it kinda go in completely before a bit and i just move myself and it comes back out… not this time gone couldn’t even feel it at the base. I haven’t felt dread like that in forever, after Slowing sitting up and moving myself and trying to loosen my muscles it came back out. I was so scared of having to call someone. Completely Terrifying.

    So make Sure you have stoppers. Next time I can afford some I’m deffently switching to what she recommends!!!

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