3 comments on “Safe Sounding: Boldly going where you have not gone before!

  1. I can say a bit about this from the other side. For me it’s en enormous violation. It is so shocking to have a metal rod inserted into your penis. People often describe being pegged as a violation but that has nothing on a sounding.

    There is no real physical pain to speak of (unless larger rods are used to stretch the urethra out in which case there can be a little bit) but for me it’s such an extreme violation that it was very hard to handle. Though I am getting better at handling it.

    It’s not just that it’s a rod going into your penis, it’s how very far that rod can go. And once it stopped feeling like a cataclysm I’d start to get hard. And *that* is a total mind fuck.

  2. I finally fit a longer sound “all the way”, recently. It’s one of toys electro-toys also, which adds an interesting twist! Sounding alone is very hot. I really love to watch a mistress sound a guy’s cock, like you said it’s such an invasion of a most private nature it’s super sexy!

  3. I would very much recommend the one with a stopper as well. I’m new to this did a bit of reading and lot’s of places said the Heger ones are good….. let me tell you I was going all the way in with one of those and it turned slipped from between my fingers and just vanished and FAST too.

    I’ve had it kinda go in completely before a bit and i just move myself and it comes back out… not this time gone couldn’t even feel it at the base. I haven’t felt dread like that in forever, after Slowing sitting up and moving myself and trying to loosen my muscles it came back out. I was so scared of having to call someone. Completely Terrifying.

    So make Sure you have stoppers. Next time I can afford some I’m deffently switching to what she recommends!!!

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