Male Management. Anytime – Anywhere.

The other day I spent some much needed one on one time with my pet ‘glory holes’, enjoying a deep discussion of our thoughts on the present, the future and some of our most cherished interests. Our most intense similarity: our love for chastity. Well, let me rephrase that; our love for HIM to be in chastity. Now before you get your panties in a bunch about all my key holding posts I’ve been on about lately, just hold tight….I’m going through a phase.

He just hit his 105 day mark yesterday (yes really) and I’ve mused along the way of that being a great starting point! Ultimately, as a bucket list item for my career, I’d like to have someone chastely devoted to me for a decade. No, not everyone would be cut out for this, but he is. It takes an enormous devotion to someone and a certain masochism in personal denial to have the slightest prayer of success here, but he very humbly looked into my eyes asked me to keep him locked up for a decade. I did of course tell him to ask me, but nevertheless, he was sincere as he said it.

Unfortunately for him, he neglected to specify that he wanted to be locked for for 10 years TOTAL, including the 105 torment filled days he already had under his belt. Soooo, today will be the FIRST day in those 10 years. It won’t be all purity and virtue though, along the way I’ll have him enjoy and service a whole host or lovely ladies and gentleman. sucking cock, performing as a bull and being permitted a date with the escort of my choosing once a year for a little “everything but an orgasm” intimacy. HIS next orgasm will not be allowed until August 14, 2024 and yes, I will personally supervise his yearly dates with the aforementioned escort. I trust him implicitly, but he needs to know his Mistress is ALWAYS watching.

Speaking of always watching; my lovely friend Savannah will be gifting me with a lovely toy that didn’t quite suit her preferences….but it sure is up my alley!!




Because of the complexity, this is something I’ll only use in extended sessions, preferably multi day scenarios, as I can monitor and remotely punish the wearer in a variety of ways. Not only is it remotely controlled, but it’s tamper evident…. mess with it in ANY way and it’ll send a text to my phone to let me know. Conversely, I can send a text back to the device to shock the wearer as a response. It will also flash an LED light when tampered with just in case I don’t have my cell phone handy. Either way, it’s 100% secure for my needs and I can safely let my multi day visitors go back to their hotel rooms as night wearing this little gadget with the peace of mind that they will be HANDS OFF!




If you’re curious to know a little more about this system, I highly recommend a peek at their website:

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  1. Good God, woman! I love the way you think, and I’ve never seen a blog of yours I didn’t enjoy. <3

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