A Literal Truck Load Of New Dungeon Equipment!!!

Because apparently, my 3 room dungeon isn’t packed to the gills enough as it is!!!

Like any artist, my mood changes often and with that, comes a full transition of old equipment moving to the back burner and new items taking their place to inspire my current passions. My tastes this year have leaned so heavily towards medical, electro, corporal, anal and sensory play that I found myself on the hunt for the newest and most curious toys to ignite my imagination.

Then I came across this website: Twistedclinic.com

I should have worn a helmet while browsing because I’m fairly certain a part of my brain exploded in absolute overloaded joy. A wishlist was formed and a very cheeky playmate of mine indulged me fully, in exchange for a little time in my lair! I’m not sure what a bargain that was for him really…not only did I just score a mother-lode of goodies but also, a willing sacrifice…err… playmate to help me break it all in!!!!

Over the next few weeks my items will fly in like an endless parade of smut and beauty. Larger items, I’ve been warned, may take a few weeks to arrive as they will be custom made. Smaller items, well… those will likely be here faster than you will. I’ve also ordered a few things for myself, and a few other contributors near and far have bulked up my incoming load to obscene proportions.

So without further ado, here’s the wacky and wonderful items I’m anxiously anticipating!!!

Classic Black Deluxe Leather Collar


Black Leather Padded Bondage Mittens


Molt Dental Gags


Alcohol Prep Pads


Sparkler E-Stim Electrode


Corona Stimulator With Urethral Amplifier


PES E-Stim Powerbox


Deep Throat Electrical E-Stim Electrode


Testicular Tubular E-stim Electrode


Large Kelly Proctoscope


Nipple Pumping Cylinders


Pen Light


Spider Gag


Buck Hammer


10oz Chrome Ball Weight


8 Pin Needle Hammer


Straight Tip Fiber Handle Tweezers


Premium Leather Disc Blindfold


Vibrating Urethral Sound


Stainless Steel Cock & Ball Crusher


Master Series Wartenburg 5 Reel Pinwheel


8oz Chrome Nipple Weights


Stainless Steel Instrument Tray


Overnight Bondage Bed w/Cage


Latex Vac Bed


Bondage Chair

Quite a bit to take in, isn’t it? I can’t begin to fathom the imaginative redecorating I’ll have to do to accommodate all of this, but I’ll make it work. A few of my older items may pop up for sale to accommodate, but we’ll see…

Of course, since I know many of my regulars will be personally interested in many of the items mentioned above, I’ll be posting them on my Twitter as things come in. To do so by individual email or blog post just wouldn’t be reasonable.

So, if you’re not already following me on Twitter, now’s a great time to get in on the fun: https://twitter.com/VictoriaRage

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6 Thoughts to “A Literal Truck Load Of New Dungeon Equipment!!!”

  1. It made me excited just to see all that stuff!! 🙂

  2. alaninalaska

    Wish I could be there to try some of those things out! Maybe someday……………

    1. Alan, will you not be coming down for your yearly visit? I’m sure you and I will have plenty of opportunity to explore my new toys, and I’ll be looking forward to it – as always!

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