The LATEX VAC BED is here!!!!!!

My parade of toys is slowly trickling in, and with each new package a rush of excitement overwhelms me as I’m given the chance to break in my toys.

The most recent arrival was the long awaited latex vac bed!

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I know this one has been hotly lusted over for some time, not just by me, but by years of visitors asking (and sometimes begging) me to splurge and get one! It makes such perfect sense for this to be a staple piece in my studio between my fetish for rubber and deep personal interest in inescapable bondage. I can’t imagine what’s taken me so long!

Anyway, now that I’ve had a few days to explore all the little nuances that make this toy so great, I’ve come to realize it’s so much more than just a vehicle for intense latex enclosure. Oh yes! This vac bed is just amazing for things like breath play, sensory deprivation, mind fucks and total power exchange. I’m sure you noticed the small breathing tube protruding from the top of the bag: that tube is the ONLY air I allowed this pet. You simply can’t provide a more intense D/s dynamic than surrendering yourself so completely!

Just out of frame there are a few ‘access holes’, for lack of a better term. I’ve had plenty of fun engaging in some delightfully wicked cbt and sounding while someone was pinned down and enclosed. The possibilities are endless!

Now for the boring safety lecture:

Of course it’s perfectly safe, despite how terrifying I can make something like this seem! I am slow to suck the air out (at first) and give plenty of time for my pet to acclimate to the sensation before turning on the suction and letting immobilization take over. I stay immediately next to my enclosed toy the entire time they are inside the bed, my eyes watching the breathing passage like a hawk to make sure it’s free to deliver the life giving oxygen my playmates require.

In the event of an emergency, it takes me 1.8 seconds (yes, I’ve timed it) to turn off the vacuum and open the bag to allow full passage of air to circulate. I will demonstrate the procedure of how to communicate any issues (loud moans) and perform a live rehearsal with them in the bag prior to actual play. I feel with this level of power exchange, you being confident in my ability to react to any negative issues is 100% vital.

Now….who wants to be incapacitated? 

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3 Thoughts to “The LATEX VAC BED is here!!!!!!”

  1. Matt Gould

    (Enthusiastically throws hand in the air) I so want to try this someday! I imagine you holding the wireless remote to the buttplug in my ass as I get milked through one of the access holes before my (gasp!) sounding- of which I am petrified of. (Sigh) I wonder, how much is a plane ticket to Seattle again? Hmmm.

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