Fall Updates & The Return Of The “Shape Up Challenge”


Lovely Kinksters,

I know this comes a bit belated, but Happy Fall my deviant darlings!

It’s the season I’ve long anticipated and we’re finally here with leaves falling, gray skies and 60 degree weather; I couldn’t be happier. While I expect to be out and about more often, I will save plenty to time for play in the dungeon, updating you with new photos, kinky blog posts (you won’t BELIEVE the session write up I’m working on now!) and plenty of good old fashioned pervy goodness!

Starting with the first bit of naughty fun, I’m bringing back the Fall Shape Up Challenge!

Not familiar with it? Check out my initial posting from last year: http://victoriarage.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/announcing-my-fall-shape-up-challenge/

This ended up being a massive success to everyone involved and the process of seeing so many people meet their goals was absolutely fantastic! If you’re a regular visitor and would like to enter this year’s challenge, just let me know during your next visit. The winner of the raffle will be announced on New Year’s Day!

Moving on a bit, if you haven’t ventured to my website lately, or haven’t made it past the picture gallery, I’d like to mention that I’ve made the last in a series of changes to my rates, hours and booking procedures.

They are relevant to *everyone* so before your next visit, give that a look!

To clarify: any bookings made after 9.27.13 will be listed under the NEW tribute and hours. Any bookings made before 9.2813 on will continue to fall under the previous listings. If you have questions, feel free to drop me an email: victoria.rage@yahoo.com

Since I always like to add a little sugar to my spice, I’ll  soften the blow and leave you with something to lift your spirits….and my skirt.


Here’s wishing you all a sinfully salacious weekend!


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    1. B Sub

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