A Cruel Game With My Boy Jerome (Part 1)



My boy Jerome is a hard pet to keep entertained, I suppose it’s fortunately that I enjoy a challenge every now and again!

He was one of my very first visitors here in Seattle and he’s been a faithful and regular client for the past 3 and a half years. As you can imagine, at this point in our relationship, there isn’t a whole lot I haven’t done to him. So, when he recently asked for a scene completely out of the ordinary, and something that would push him to the edge, I switched my line of thinking from what would I do to this client in a professional setting to what would I do to this man if we stepped outside of our typical roles and expectations. My answer came to me in the middle of the night, two days before he was to arrive to my dungeon for the unexpected session of a lifetime.

He would endure an unbelievable set of humiliation (his favorite) assignments!

In the past, our humiliation games have been limited to bits played out in the dungeon or in front of a very small group of my close friends or fellow Dominatrices: all very safe and predictable environments. Public scenarios have always been on his mind, but he never quite had the courage to ask for it. 


I kicked things off by asking him to meet me at my favorite salon, he’d be picking me up and driving us back to the studio once I was finished getting my hair done…or so he thought. I instructed him to arrive promptly at 11am, to park close and to text me when he had settled in. Sure as can be, he texted me at 11am on the dot. “Are you ready Domina? I’m here when you need me.”

My reply was short and sweet.

“Go inside and ask for Cheryl. Don’t argue, don’t ask questions. Take photos when she’s done with you and text them to me to get your next assignment.”

With a simple, “Yes Miss”, he was off to begin his day of torment, shame, excitement and surprise.

Jerome walked into the salon and with his cooing British accent, obediently asked for Cheryl. His voice, I’m told, cracked as he struggled to choke out his name and request. It’s such a shame I missed that!

Cheryl said she quickly led him down to hallway to the back room before he could get a look at the salon menu. The room reserved for ‘intimate’ body waxing. I’d always thought they used this space at  the far end of the salon so that you had to do a walk of shame as you head up to the register to pay, but realistically it’s just in case someone gets a bit loud when having the hair ferociously ripped from their nether bits.

Cheryl said my boy looked outright pale when she finally went through and described what a Brazilian was, how she’d have him position himself and that he’d have to undress to begin.  She did leave him a tiny white gown to wear for ‘privacy’ but made a little crack that the only draping in the store was for ladies; he’d have to make do with this. (my suggestion). As someone who has personally donned a privacy gown, it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. It’s more of a joke really.

I can only imagine Jerome on his hands and knees getting his balls and ass cracked waxed. To be sure, it hurts tremendously, but being put into that position, to have someone do what Cheryl did… that’s just humiliating!!! She did the whole thing too….every inch, every crevice, clean and tidy. 

Jerome dutifully send me the photos of his freshly waxed bits and pieces once the ordeal was over. He was ‘bald as the day he was born’ – his words, not mine. I couldn’t help but notice the raging erection in the photos. Apparently, he simply couldn’t regain his control after this one.

His next set of instructions were given. Swing by the CVS across the street and buy the following items: adult diapers, baby powder, lube and tampons. Don’t buy other items to pad the look of your purchases, text me a photo of the receipt. 

Naturally, the store was packed and there were plenty of witnesses to see him unload his shameful little basket. He tells me that his worst problem during the shopping trip was that he still couldn’t get rid of his hard on. As bad as my little list was, it was made infinitely worse by having to buy those things and simultaneously try to downplay the massive anaconda in his Dockers. Jerome was very blessed by the Gods of endowment so this must have been as subtle as a nun buying a vibrator.

He worried what I’d make him do with this list of terrible things, but soon all would be clear. I assured him that the purchases were going to be the very last of his concerns in a just a moment.

The fateful text of his receipt hit my phone and I directed him to come to the dungeon where I could get him ready to meet a new friend. You see, another thing to know about Jerome is that he’s always had one boundary he called a “flexible limit”: forced bi. He would never be able to ask for it, could barely imagine himself being ‘made’ to engage a man in real life, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it in a love/hate kinda way.

He arrived in lightening speed, so he either hit every green light in the city or broke a few traffic laws on the way to my studio. My bull and I were more than ready for him in all his hurried excitement. 

I took his bags as he entered, my bull already undressed and ready for action, took my boy forcefully into the medical room, shoving him hard onto his knees before he could put up any genuine protest. I watched his cock punch through Jerome lips as the thrusting started…. You know, he was surprisingly skilled by the look of things for someone who was so inexperienced in cock sucking. Maybe he’d been fantasizing more than he wanted me to believe! Nevertheless, it kept him plenty occupied as I sorted out his purchases on the nearby table.

He kept trying to steal glances my way, despite having his mouth full and his head firmly clasped in the grip of my bull. I gingerly laid out a diapering station, complete with a pair of panties I’d have him wear over this wrinkly baby pants. Just as I finished getting things prepared, I heard my bull grunting and groaning as Jerome lovingly swallowed down his reward. Greedy slut indeed!

What I had planned next would test Jerome’s love of humiliation to the very limits. And I was SO excited to see if he’d attempt to gracefully bow out.

My bull helped him from his knees and onto the diapering table. I smiled as I watched him lubricate one of the newly purchased tampons and slide into into Jerome’s waiting (but reluctant) ass. His entire body was crimson with embarrassment, but he knew that at this point, whatever else I had planned for the day would be absolute.

Once fitted with a bit of Tampax, my bull continued the process by putting a nice snug diaper on him, baby powder and all, then a pair of filly little panties. I made sure to snap a few photos for future blackmail play. You know, just in case I ever need to spice things up a bit more.

I allowed him to redress, though it was the slowest redressing I’d ever seen as he attempted to fit his wrinkly undergarments into his otherwise fitted pants. “The next task”, I said ” will be to go to this address, knock on the door, and once you’re let inside, hand this envelope to the lady of the house and ask for a bare bottom paddling.”

His jaw dropped.

Is this a friend of yours? (he sounded so desperate at this point).

“Do as I’ve told you… She will report if you’ve strayed from my directions.”



To be continued….

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  1. Cruel games are the best games 🙂

  2. William Shakespeare

    Have to admit this made me squirm. 🙂

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