Travel Notice: Portland Oregon (October 30th-November 4th)


While sitting around the house the other day, I was reflecting back on my 3 years here in Seattle. I can’t believe all the fun I’ve had and everything I’ve accomplished in such a short time! Everything from moving from one dungeon, to another and finally to a third (and largest I’ve ever had), to establishing my career and reputation to a scale I could have only hoped for, and finally, making a fantastic assortment of friends within the local kink/adult community. I know it’s cocky – but hell – I’m damn proud of myself!

….Then it hit me, the one thing I haven’t done, at least as much as I wanted to, was travel. In fact, my very last excursion was over a year ago when I drove down to San Francisco! It was positively eventful, which is why I’m stumped as to how a whole year has passed without me venturing out again!

Where did my year go?

While I have to admit that I found it hard being away from my local devotees for a full 2 weeks,  I had an absolute blast engaging a few kinky partners that I may only see once in a blue moon – or never again!

With that in mind, I decided enough was enough and planned a little trip to Portland at the end of the month!  Being the rigid preparer that I am, I made sure my agenda would be full before I finalized anything, so sorry darlings, I don’t have any more open spots this time around. However, don’t despair! Little did I realize that I left quite a following behind in PDX, and with such a quick fill up of my agenda, I’m thinking about making PDX a quarterly (or at least semi annual) stopping point for some home away from home fun!

So what this boils down to….

Portlandians: If you’d like to see me while I’m in town and we’ve already met, send me an refresher email of your interests/availability and I’ll contact you when I’m planning my next trip! If we haven’t had the pleasure of getting together just yet, I’ll also need you to include your screening information (2 solid provider references from the last 18 months) to get yourself established. All sessions scheduled for visiting cities will require a 50% nonrefundable deposit if you’d like to secure my time. Also, I should note that my rates will be slightly different to cover the additional costs of renting a studio space with plenty of equipment for our time together. Those details will be discussed during the booking phase.  Email:


Seattleites: Consider this a simple notice that I will be unavailable entirely (sessions, phone and email) from Wednesday October 30th to Monday November 4th. Until then, my agenda has plenty of time free for naughty interludes before I head off! If you’d like to get together, you know the drill! Let’s have a little fun together 😉



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