A Cruel Game With My Boy Jerome (Part 2)

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abdl spanking


The address I passed to my boy happened to be the home of a very well loved disciplinarian, Madam Knight.

Of course, he had no clue that spanking and paddling are her specialty, but I’ve always been partial to women with a short temper and a firm hand! Having personally witnessed many boys go over her lap, I can say with all certainty that even *I* wouldn’t cross her…but in a matter of moments, Jerome would be on the receiving end of her special ministrations.

My only regret was not going along with him, just to see him squirm and assess whether or not this ‘friend’ of mine knew he’d be arriving in a diaper with a tampon shoved deep in his ass. The diaper was bad enough, but the tell tale sign of the tampon string would really push things over the edge as she bent him over her knee.

Of course… I had indeed mentioned the humiliating accessories, but I requested she feign surprise and disapproval. She does disapproval VERY well. As he approached the long porch that leads to her door, he noticed the flicker of candle light in the window, which apparently reminded him of me. I do hope this lulled him into some false sense of familiar security because before he could knock, Madam Knight was already loudly instructing him to simply enter. (Foot sensor under the door mat starts a recording through her call box – clever, clever woman!)

Gorgeous as always, she was seated in a very tall, armless black leather chair in the middle of the dim room. Her toys and tools spread out across a velvet table runner according to size and severity. Everything within sight and pulled out specifically for who and what she had in mind.

Jerome claims he tried to ask for his spanking as ordered, but she didn’t give him the chance.

“Place the envelop on the table and approach me”, she ordered.

He flustered to get the envelope out of his pocket and onto the table.  Her perfume filled the room, vanilla and lilac, beckoning him closer than her words to approach did.

“I want you to disrobe down to your underwear and place yourself over my lap”, she said.

The fact that she specifically said “underwear” instead of “diaper” made him shake in his boots. This lady had NO CLUE  how he was about to display himself!! I’m told he took a solid 3 minutes to simply pull down his pants, but Madame Knight held her constitution and silently waited, arms crossed and eyes glued firmly on him. It was agony!

The moment his Dockers hit his ankles the diaper was freed and crinkled loudly in the otherwise silent room.  She just stared… continuing in silence. Another minute ticked past and both of them just froze in their places. I admit, I love Ms Knight because she’s a psychological sadist and nothing is more excruciating than waiting in a pregnant pause for someone’s reaction.

“Well then, baby boy. You think it’s appropriate to force your little fetishes on me?” – she hissed.

Jerome was stunned, he expected her to laugh, maybe even display a bit of disgust, but cold steady disapproval? He didn’t know how to process that (and I knew may have clued her in on that).

“Na…no noo, miss! I was dressed by my Mistress this morning”, he whimpered.

She shot out of her chair, meeting his eye level and keeping a very firm gaze…

“Do you know how many excuses I tolerate in this house? None! And do you know how many boys I allow to come in here with either bad behavior, sub par appearance or attempts to take my discipline in a kinkier direction? None!”

“Now, you may claim your Mistress dressed you this way, and maybe she did, but did mention that you were to keep your diaper on? Or let me ask you this, does your Mistress even know you’re here?”

She was so fixed on him that he was actually scared. Genuinely scared, so much so that he couldn’t answer her. (priceless!!)

“Pull your diaper down little boy and put yourself across my lap.  It seems that  you need a very memorable lesson in proper presentation!”

He was probably just relieved to lay himself over her knee, anything to break her scolding eye contact! She moved through a series of paddles, brushes and slappers, mixing in firm strokes of her shockingly strong hand every once in a while. His backside growing from rosy to scarlet and finally purple as she finished her line up.

At this point, I had arrived silently and was sitting on the porch, just out of sight but well within earshot. I could hear Jerome’s squeals and please for leniency, but he’d have none of that today. She gave him perhaps the most thorough ass warming of his life and only a few minutes before he was set to depart, she noticed the tampon string.

“What the hell is this???” She tugged lightly at the white cotton string, pulling it ever so slightly so he could feel it with renewed sensation. He moaned… but said nothing.

Another minute of absolute silence……

I opened the door and Jerome looked up, frantic but happy to see me. Surely *I* would explain why the tampon was there!!!!

“I see you have my boy there Madam Knight, has he been behaving?” I cooed as I walked into the room.

She held up the string and tugged it again, Jerome moaned VERY loudly this time, perhaps his visual connection to me is too strongly linked to pleasure.

“I’d say he’s been “behaving” only if you have a very flexible definition of obedience and propriety, Ms Rage. Do you see what he has in his ass? A Tampon!!!! Surely you train your boys better than this!” She hissed as she shoved the tampon further inside of him.

“A tampon you say? My boy???? I certainly do teach better manners than that!”, I said as I yanked him off her lap and threw him over the table of implements, forcing him to bend fully and the waist and spread his legs wide to maintain his balance. “Honestly, Madam Knight, I’m beside myself here. I think I might need to borrow your cane. Immediate correction is needed here, don’t you agree?”

Before I could look up, she was already standing about 3 feet away from me with a long flexible cane in hand. Great minds think alike I suppose! I do hope we didn’t wake the neighborhood as we corrected my poor boy. Not once did he try to defend himself and admit it was my bull and I who put him up to this, he simply took the strokes on his already reddened little ass.

When we were done, hugs and kisses were exchanged all around as Jerome pulled up his diaper and pants in a scramble to recompose himself. Every so often I caught a glimpse of his attempts to stiffen his smile. I’m so glad he enjoyed it, but now is not the time to be caught enjoying your discipline 😉

Outside, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. The cold air played a nice contrast to the heat of the moment, giving everyone a second wind for the day.

He looked at me with such a happy expression, I didn’t quite know how to respond.

“Back to the dungeon, Mistress?”

No Jerome…we have one more stop. I grinned.


To be continued…

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