A Cruel Game With My Boy Jerome (Part 3 – Final Installment)

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I led Jerome to my car, an odd twist that had him a bit on edge from the start.

I always believe a gentleman should escort the lady – not the other way around – so Jerome couldn’t resist in asking why my car was the vehicle of choice. As sweetly as he asked me, I couldn’t help but offer a response which afford him no comfort  “I don’t want you to have any alternative way of leaving our next destination.” “Furthermore, you will not say another word the rest of the evening unless it’s an absolute emergency.”

The car ride, while short, was a blissful silence as he shifted restlessly, perhaps attempting to guess along the way where I was taking him. Finally, we arrived at a somewhat lavish dinner party that was being held by another close friend of mine. It was a lovely D/s mixer, held in the lofty homes of the Magnolia neighborhood. The setting itself was gorgeous, the hostess and her harem of submissives catering the event were positively breath taking! I couldn’t help but wonder how well a diaper could conceal physical excitement. 

Tonight, I would be co-hosting this event, which was really code for adding a bit of extra dominant feminine energy to the room and making sure everyone was having a wonderful time. It’d still be another half hour or so before the guests were set to arrive, so one of the Mistress’ servants took Jerome off to the back room to prepare to assist. He was taken by surprise, an unfamiliar house, an unfamiliar staff and somehow without speaking, he was to fulfill a function in the evening’s festivities. I’m sure he’d hoped to stay closely by my side, shy boy that he is!

The house slave handed him a few accessories to wear for the evening and invited him to strip down to his undergarments. He’d be given 10 minutes to change before reporting to the foyer for instructions. Unsurprisingly, it took him the better part of 20 minutes to change into his uniform of the evening (posture collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple clamps and gag). He’d never had to put such things on himself before and they looked quite ridiculous (even by my standards) in contrast with the diaper. All other servants of the house had brought along elegant thongs or boxers, clearly knowing ahead of time that they’d be on physical display. He was drastically out of place!

Seeing he was ready, I elected to give him the instructions myself, and they would be the final piece of humiliation between he and I…..

He knelt on the floor, looking up at me with pleading eyes as I held his face in my hand.

Jerome, you will be answering the door and taking the coats – nothing more. The female servants will direct the guests to the main room for the party. You will speak to no one, you will not attempt to mime answers or respond in any way. Simply open the door, gesture to take their coats and let the ladies do the rest. They will alert me immediately if you disobey.

Only one more thing darling…..

Each time the ladies take another guest to the party room, you will relieve yourself just a bit in your diaper.

His eyes widened in shock.

“I know you have to go my dear, I’ve not offered you a restroom ALL day, in fact no one has and I’m sure it’s been on your mind.” He nodded. “Then each guest will be let in, and once they’ve departed from your sight, you may relieve yourself just a bit. It will take a enormous amount of control on your end, but if you fail, I’ll make a huge scene in front of all these guests on how infantile and naughty you were to wet your diaper!” He pleaded in protest as hard as he could against the gag but I it was a forced pleading. He wanted this and it was SOOOO obvious.

“Well then, I think we understand each other!”

I helped him to his feet and straightened him up before taking a glass of wine and adjourning to the courtyard. It was just about sunset at this point and the first guests had started to arrive. I only wish I could describe some of the sights as sounds; this being an encouraged high protocol play party, but alas – I’m sworn to secrecy. As often as I could manage, I peeked in on my boy, amused with his priceless attempts to fulfill my orders and conceal his plight.  The hostess and I couldn’t help but approach him and openly giggle at his predicament every so often, she having as little mercy as I did for his embarrassment and being rather tickled that only she and I knew what was going on as each guest was welcomed inside.

Around 7pm, I decided to relieve him of his duties, and he was so grateful when I directed him to the shower and gave back his clothing. For the first time in our relationship, I let him take his time relaxing and absorbing the day in a hot shower. This would mark the end of our appointment in a traditional sense, but 20 minutes later he emerged unexpectedly….

I had handed him back his street clothes and was going to give him a lift back to his car. Of course, he knows me…knows me very well.. and had decided on a change of plans that would leave me smiling for the next few days. With the help of one of the servants, he had reattached the leather costuming of the house staff and though he ditched the diaper, someone had loaned him a pair of boxers. He crawled from the hallway, to the courtyard (a decent distance) on cold marble floors with a rose in his mouth, dropping it at my feet and nuzzling my legs.

“Thank you for an amazing day, Mistress”, he said. 

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