The Last Blog Post Of The Year



You will all have to forgive me for forgoing a super festive title, but I’m sure we’re all a little ‘holidayed out’ right now and I’m just not feeling clever enough to come up with something more inspired than “Seasons Beatings”.

I do love the end of the year celebrations, I’m really a Christmas person. One of those Christmas people too – I will absolutely stay up until 4am to wait for snow and happily drop everything I’m doing to bake up 200 gingerbread cookies, but even I can take only so much. I’m ready for a break!

Speaking of such…

I’m sure you’ve noticed by the massive banner on my website and the continuous forewarning on my twitter and blog, that I’m taking a couple of weeks off to relax, recover and recharge. I’ll be leaving my phone in the dungeon so I won’t be tempted to return texts, calls or emails until I return, but rest assured I will get back to each and every correspondence when I’m back.

In the meantime, I wanted to leave you all with a big, warm and sticky thank you for all the fun I’ve had this year. Those of you who visit me in person, offering your body and mind to me for use and abuse, you keep me a sane woman. In all the cities I’ve worked, over the long string of my career, never have I met a more enthusiastic, open minded and fearless group of people to explore my kinky lusts with. It’s been an immense pleasure to enjoy you.

My readers, you have my gratitude as well. Your attention (because let’s face it – I like to be watched), encouragement and constant well wishes have inspired me to be a little more public and a little more indulgent. As isolating as this profession can be, you’ve made my world feel broader, and the idea of having captive viewers to share my smut with, leaves me with a constant wicked smile.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday season and a beautiful New Year. I’ll see you deviant darlings in 2014!


Now…time to shower…this sappy post has me feeling a little filthy.


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