New Year – New Dungeon Furniture – New Submissive Playmate

First and foremost, Happy New Year my lovely pets and pervs!!!

I hope you all had as much fun in 2013 as I did, but now I’m ready to attack 2014 like weak prey in the wild – starting with this post, a 2 partner that I’m condensing into one so I can get back to the festivities and spend a little less time slaving (that’s your job) over my computer.

So let’s get to it!

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that my new dungeon furniture FINALLY came in! I’ve been patiently waiting for these pieces since late Summer and now, they’re all ready to be used and abused.

The first piece is something I’ve been wanting to own for YEARS, especially since I’m so terribly fond of abductions and overnight scenarios. This all metal frame is as sturdy as it comes and the table top is composed of incredibly soft and supple leather, complete with more attach points then even I can shake a stick at!

Naturally, I forced my slave in there to give you a true feel for the dimensions…



This photo, I admit, was taken hastily so it truly doesn’t to the table justice. Even so, you can really get a sense for how captivating it is in person. It’s so beautiful and so thoroughly imposing!

The second item is going to replace my St. George’s Chair – a home made item structured in wood, that just really seemed to be better in idea then in practice. The new St George’s chair is again, all metal, and covered in soft well padded leather. You can really imagine spending quite a bit of time seated here, can’t you. Legs spread, arms tethered, open and vulnerable…. I’ll stop there…

securedownload (3)



Moving on, I have a lovely wild flower of a woman, Miss Poppy Black, who will be available as a submissive ONLY for scheduled appointments with me. Privately kinky for the majority of her adult life, she finds that her personal preferences lie mostly in power exchange and a wide variety of explorations. She would describe herself very
much a ‘sensation slut’, with a bit of a love for various role plays. Bondage, spanking, forced exposure, erotic coercion, sensory play/deprivation rage among some of her favorites.

IMG_4099 copyI know it’s a lot to take in, but that’s very much in my style….give you more than you can handle, but make you love every minute of it!

Here’s looking forward to an amazing and ever more erotically intoxicating 2014!!!


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