I can resist anything except temptation ~ Oscar Wilde


I have a little ritual when I drink wine or indulge in any other intense sensory experience….

I’ll pour myself a nice tall glass, using my finest Italian crystal stemware and let it sit on the table. Typically, I’m working online or doing some other clerical nonsense when I’m leading into cocktail hour, so it’s a hard motivator to get my work done. I won’t touch it, I won’t sip it….I’ll just have it in my vision, forcing me to focus as the spicy sweet scent wafts in my direction.

I do this for a reason, even with something so simple, I want to lust for it and enjoy the temptation. I want to crave it so badly, I can already taste it….and only then, when my senses have become absolutely desperate for the sweet flavor to course down my throat, will I take my first sip. The desire itself is just as intoxicating as my Cabernet.

As with all things in life, you should savor and long for your indulgent moments. Whether that’s a fine meal, a decadent purchase, tickets to your favorite event or seeing your beloved Dominatrix: anything that you do for the sheer enjoyment of it, you should take it in, let it fill you up and let it overwhelm you. And if no one else has told you this before, it’s perfectly alright to allow yourself to slow down, live a bit outside your hectic mind and be swept up in simple pleasures.

You’ve earned a moment to let go and allow the temptation of those moments seduce you: you just need to open yourself up to those moments of seduction. 

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