New Dungeon – The Priory of Perversion – Now Open!!!

Featuring Domina Victoria Rage All photos ©Spectrum House, LLC 2013

Let’s face it, this is the post you’ve really been waiting for…

With much pleasure, I’m unspeakably proud to announce that my dream dungeon is now officially open! 

After two long weeks of unpacking, organizing and decorating, all the pieces of my kinky little puzzle have come together to complete this project. Quite honestly, as excited as I may seem about all of this, you boys truly won’t know the depth of my joy in this move.

You see, every Domme has a vision of what her ideal play space would look like and what it would contain. Very much like how we envision our perfect home, wedding, partner or last meal; this is simply the leather version. For years, I’ve slowly and methodically collected the implements of my darkest desire and scouted various cities and neighborhoods all across the US until finally, here in lovely Seattle, I’ve found the perfect spot to call my own. And… with it being a purchased property that I own; I’m content in the knowledge that I can do whatever I’d like to it as the years pass on… expand it, modify it, knock down walls, rip up floors, install all manor of crazy gadgetry – anything I want, without restraint and without hesitation. Oh yes, there’s some sweet satisfaction my dear boys.

At present, my studio is 4 rooms in total: The Adrenaline Room, Seductive Sleepover Sanctuary, The Clinic and one room not yet named. I can’t quite tell if I want to go ominous or sultry with it, but I’ll keep you posted. Overall, it’s 1200 sqft, soundproof and terribly private. For the Summer I do have a very large backyard and a very secluded park just down the street; really an ideal situation.

So, while I admit my schedule is booking up briskly, I have plenty of time free to entertain new visitors, returning guests and loyal regulars who’ve anxiously (but patiently) waited for me to settle.

Consider this my version of ringing the dinner bell…. come and get it boys (cause I’m about to give it to you hard!!!)

Warning: Visitors coming in during my first week of availability should be advised that I have been sans play for 2 full weeks. My energy level will be extremely high and my stamina will be relentless. Bring your A game or stay home we’re you’re safe.




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7 Thoughts to “New Dungeon – The Priory of Perversion – Now Open!!!”

  1. […] New Dungeon – The Priory of Perversion – Now Open!!! […]

  2. Rick Ricker

    awesome Mistress,

    i cannot wait to experience it/You.



  3. Scott

    Mistress, I will be in Seattle in Sept, is it too early to start planning?

  4. Norm

    Hot Damn Aunt Victoria! I cannot wait for you to pull my pants down and blister my ass! Then tie my sorry ass up and have your way with me. Of course, I’ll need a tour first. Congratulations, I can tell how excited you are, we’ll be playing soon! By the way, I bought my own bath brush to keep me straight, and it is a beautiful thing!


    I hope you remember me

  5. Lady Victoria Rage i love so mucht this lovely picture of you <3

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