A Thorough Tongue Lashing

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The other day, I intercepted a call that made my blood boil.


After years of having my phone number publicly posted on the internet, you can imagine I’ve fielded a wealth of inquiries – mostly serious, but plenty of wankers, time wasters and other unsavory characters. It’s an occupational hazard that you’ll sometimes get some rude people or prank calls…you just have to let it slide and move on with your day.

This call was different in a way I’d not yet encountered; cloaked in the guise of a gentleman simply looking for a good time, this caller said one of the most distasteful things I’ve heard to date.


“I’m not like your other clients, I just like to (insert fetish here). I’m really just a  clean cut, honest guy, I’m not a weirdo, not a creep -” I cut him off here.


Why is this so infuriating? Well, this boy is someone who’s seen reputable Dommes for a LONG time,  one of my very own duo partners served as a reference for him. I doubt she’d heard this little gem come out of his mouth, but there it was. Plain as day, this guy is sitting on the phone with me, elevating himself by making a sweeping generalization about ALL of my other clients (and me by extension) in hopes of somehow making sure I felt he was a safe and  ‘normal’ guy.

No caller, you’re not like my other clients. You’re rude, you make baseless assumptions and you in fact *are* a bit of a creep. You judge others who see me in a negative light because your imagination tells you my visitors are likely ‘unkempt, weird or creepy”. Judging anyone based on what get’s them off is like judging people based on what type of breakfast cereal they like – and that is clearly absurd. Besides, if you know what *I* do behind closed doors, I’m sure you’d be appalled and I simply don’t have time for someone with that much negativity in them.


Who exactly do you think I see? What “class” of visitors do you typical envision that I entertain? Despite your very wrong perception, I see gentlemen; perfect gentlemen….and that is exactly why he and I will never meet.

For the record, and since I know many of you often wonder and inquire, there is no ‘average guy’ who comes knocking on my door.

Ages range from sprouting visitors in their 20’s to gentlemen in their 80’s.  I’ve seen soldiers, welders, the unemployed, security agents, fire men, off duty police officers, lawyers, doctors, family men, single guys, neurosurgeons, teachers, book store clerks and more. I’ve seen men who pay for my time as if it cost as much as a cup of coffee and men who save their dollars for MONTHS to gain my audience for an hour. I’ve seen men of all races, religions and backgrounds.

I’ve seen first timers, literal virgins and men who have done this ‘so many times’ they wanted one last horrah before hanging up their kink hat. I’ve seen men with multiple degrees and a level of intelligence that leaves me in awe and I’ve seen men who needed a little extra help and attention. I’ve seen men of all levels of physical fitness, body shape, look, style, and type that you can possibly imagine. I’ve seen decorated and honored men and those who have a lifetime of regrets and a police record.  I’ve seen what feels like half the hard working staff of Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft and men who have never worked a day in their lives. I’ve seen men so confident and creative that they ask for a session by composing their introductory email like a poem and men so nervous and intimidated that I can hear the literal shaking in their voices on the phone. I see men who view me as their equal play partner and men who submit so fully that I control their very lives.

There is no creepy here. There is no ‘general’ here.

Everyone is different, various levels of success, various positions in life, various life situations. You know what matters to me? None of that.

I don’t consider the details of someone’s life when seeing them. I don’t care if you’re wearing an Armani suit and driving an Aston Martin or if you still have dirt under your nails and your work clothes on. None of that matters when you’re disrobed, tied up and gagged – you’re all on equal ground there.

When you call me to discuss the details of our play, I have no judgement. You deserve to see me no matter who you are, what you do and what you look like; my requirement is that you’re a gentleman.Fortunately, 99.9% of you are just that and everyone who’s ever seen men in the flesh has acted to those standards without incident. Your kinks will never define you and no matter how ‘weird’ one person might consider the bulk of what I do, their personal prejudices don’t matter worth a damn.  All of this, every stitch of it, is entirely normal to me, and since you’re calling for MY attention, I’m the only opinion that matters here….and you have my acceptance.

You caller, do not…and I invite you to rethink your statement and reconsider how you present yourself….. because bluntly, your attitude was appalling, childish and unacceptable.





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6 Thoughts to “A Thorough Tongue Lashing”

  1. severinus

    Dear Victoria Rage – that must be a really arrogant and ignoring person – it seems that there are more and more egoshooters out there – might be a result of the social development in the western hemisphere – it is good that You also blog about such experiences – it is always highly interesting to follow Your blog – many greetings from Germany – sev.

  2. Hi, love your blog and have been following for a while now. I wrote something very similar last year here http://ladyannisa.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/typical-submissive-vs-stereotypical.html after encountering the same kind of approach. It’s sad that some people feel this way but thankfully they are few and far between! Lady Annisa.

  3. Rick Ricker

    Thank You Mistress for your blog. i understand Your anger and appreciate that You understand how many of Your subjects work to save $ to eventually be able to enjoy Your services.

    i am so looking forward to it eventually!


    rick in Seatt

  4. One of the many beauties of the BDSM community is its pluralism and broad tolerance of human differences. Your post is a wonderful exemplification of those values and the best that the BDSM community has to provide.

  5. Mena VanDrozer

    I absolutely agree with You. That;s such a pet peeve of Mine

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