Vacation Notice May 28th-June 2nd



Dearest Boys,

Phew! What a whirlwind this month has been. I’ve gotten so much done on the house which has left me feeling insanely accomplished; I’ve knocked down walls, installed alarm systems, planted trees and even finished painting the overnight area of the dungeon as well as the entire top floor. Here I thought the only physical labor I’d ever enjoy is when I throw you boys around like rag dolls! I’ve literally spent every moment I’m not working, sleeping or prepping on starting or finishing some random house project; and it feels pretty damn great!

While I’ve been riding high on adrenaline and the tidal wave of energy the comes from letting my inner Seductress run wild, I know my limits and it’s time I penciled in some ‘me’ time.

From May 28th-June 2 nd  I’ll be unreachable and on a domestic vacation.


This time there will be NO email responses, NO phone calls answered, NO texts and NO other work from me.  I know I have a tendency to say that, but am so easily tempted to break my own rules in order to avoid coming back to a hailstorm of missed correspondences, but this time…for my sanity, these 6 days are all for me.

Until then, my schedule is already pretty heavily booked this month so availability is limited. I will do what I can to free up more time so don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you want to get your kicks in sometime before next month! And rest assured, until my vacation time actually begins, I will absolutely have enough time and energy for you…





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4 Thoughts to “Vacation Notice May 28th-June 2nd”

  1. kinky guy

    Hello Victoria, I think you might want to check the dates. Regards, kg

    1. Yeah….time for vacation.
      Thanks for that catch!

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