His Wife Left Me Speechless….

 “Please don’t hang up”, she said calmly.
“I know you’re the Mistress my husband has been seeing and I’m not upset.
I’ve read your website and I just can’t do what you to do him….but I want him to be happy. His name is John (not really, but that’s what we’re going with) and I’m Sherry”. My ears burned as she uttered the name of one of my beloved regulars, I felt my face twist in a cringe at the thought of possibly never seeing him again. There was a long pause, I really didn’t know how to respond. Calls from angry wives are no problem, I’ve handled them more times then I want to count, but an understanding wife? She caught me off guard. She picked up on my obvious heightened anxiety and mercifully began to fill in the blanks.
“We share an email account she said, I almost never use it because I have one for work, but I saw a chain of correspondence between you two. It’s okay that he visits you, really, I’ve known he was into kink since we met, but I’m hoping you could help me”.
I braced myself and asked the question I was now obligated to cough up; How would you like me to help you?
“I want you to help me dominate him.”…..
I choked on my soda and screamed -oh absolutely! I couldn’t get the words out fast enough. In any other situation, I would have ended our discussion immediately, but I know my client well. They had married in their early 20’s and been happily joined for 22 years, he loved her dearly, so dearly that he only saw me because I reminded him so much of her and that I was strictly BDSM. He never wanted to cross any boundaries that he felt would displease his lady love and often fantasied that she was standing in my shoes. I knew in my heart that if *she* was on board with all of this, he would be ecstatic to include her!
We talked for a while, mostly answering her very basic kink questions and about how a professional dungeon works. Naturally, she was too inquisitive to be let off the hook so easily. I wanted to know why she knew he was kinky from the start and after a very long and healthy marriage she was only *now* feeling encouraged to pursue his interest.
It didn’t come as much surprise to me as her story unfolded. When they were young, exploring their sexual selves, he very casually asked her if she was familliar with certain aspects of BDSM.
‘He asked if I like to punish’,  she said. “I was so taken by his question that I simply blurted out no….but I was too nervous to expand on why I said no so quickly. I’d always been the one who enjoys being punished, but having no real sexual experience with it, I was ashamed to tell him.”
After a little probing, the full story came out….
She was raised in the Midwest, by a loving mother and strict but apparently very attractive step father. It was an ‘old school’ household where spanking was the measure of discipline, not that she found herself in trouble often at all. To make a long story short, she confessed that she was always more excited then scared when she knew she deserved a trip across his lap.  How could she ever tell her husband?
I reassured her that it would be ‘easy’ to clue him in, you’re both keeping intimate secrets at this point, so let’s just open the flood gate!
I had her join in on our next appointment, unbeknownst to him until he exited the shower and saw his wife dressed in my kinky clothing, waiting for him next to me. He was very right, we looked so much alike and it was wonderful to have attire that both fit and flattered her for this occasion. He nearly hit the floor when he figured out this was ‘okay’ with her. She was wearing my cat suit after all….the look on his face was priceless and the endless stream of comments about her beauty and poise warmed my frozen little heart.
I showed her how to wrap him around her finger, what he wanted and what he needed; it was amazing to see the two of them, so much in love and still finding new ways to explore each other. Of course, practice makes perfect so now this lovely couple and I have a standing date twice a month. I set the role play, they both get an email the morning of our date, then I show her all about how to work the gadgetry in my dungeon to make this fantasy a reality. Two scenes in and we’re all having a blast – and to think of all the years wasted from fear of sexual rejection!
As perfect as this whole scenario worked out for them, there was one tidbit missing; she was still left wanting. Her husband is the ultimate submissive so she just couldn’t bring herself to feel he was the strong parental figure she desperately wanted to be disciplined by!
Well, now the lovely lady and I spend an extra hour together after hubby is gone. About a split second after the door closes behind him, she strips off her clothing, pulls out my big red chair and addresses me as her Governess.
And you can just imagine how much correction this naughty girl needs after how I see her taunting and tormenting her sweet husband *grin*….

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7 Thoughts to “His Wife Left Me Speechless….”

  1. very nice story, nice text very exciting
    j’adore merci ,vivement la suite Mistress Victoria

  2. William Shakespeare

    Great post. It’s always nice to hear about marriages that are strong and secure; where people realize their mate may have needs that just don’t go away when the wedding bells stop ringing.

  3. severinus

    Dear Domina Victoria Rage,
    that is a wonderful story – perfectly written down. You really should publish Your works – they are very much worth to tell. Thank You so much for sharing.

  4. Professor Kinky

    I am not sure if you’re account is autobiographical or fictional. But in either case it doesn’t matter. The resolution you proposed is indicative of a generous and altruistic spirit. You make BDSM noble.

  5. Mena VanDrozer

    I love reading your posts and I’m learning so much.

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