I’m on a bit of a latex bender lately…

Every so often my preferred session attire changes and I go through a deep phase which typically includes bumping up my kinky clothing collection in a big way. The last couple of months, I’ve been all about catsuits, before that it was skimpy black dresses and stilettos.  Not that you can go wrong with a string of changes like that, but now I’ve placed a sizable order with my favorite retailer Westward Bound and I’m anxiously waiting for the arrival of my super sexy new duds.

So… as a bit of a teaser, here’s what you’ll have to look forward to seeing me in this season!

(Photo shoot with me in these garments forthcoming!)


Latex Nun: Ordered in colors as shown.


Latex Plunge Dress: Ordered in silver with black trim.


Latex Interrogatrix: Ordered in gray and white.


Latex Nurse: Ordered in colors as shown.