A New Review: From A Novice’s Perspective

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Over the last month, I’ve opened myself up to seeing new clients a little more than I normally would, and by ‘new’ I don’t necessarily mean that they’re just new to me. I’ve been opening my door to those who are new to professional BDSM in general; something I find to be a very special honor.  This craving for ‘fresh meat’ put a lovely man in my path last week and we had a simply wonderful time together…so much so that I’ll be enjoying his company again here in a just a few days. In the meantime, while I am flooded with thoughts and visions of what I’ll be doing to him next, he is still absorbing the sensations of what he just experienced… and he was kind enough to write his first-ever review in order to capture and highlight his kinky deflowering.

I hope you boys enjoy the read…


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DATE: May 2014
NAME: Domina Victoria Rage
AGENCY OR INDY: Independent
ACCURATE PICTURE: Yes, even more stunning in person
AGE: Late 20’s
PERSONALITY: Deliciously Dominant, Perversely Playful
RACE: Caucasian
BODY TYPE: An old school bombshell, if I was a cartoon wolf, my eyes would bug out of my head!
WEIGHT: Didn’t ask, don’t care!
HEIGHT: 5’5″
BUST: Full, and perfect
WAIST / HIPS: Curves that will haunt your dreams
HAIR: Long, dark, and tantalizing
EYES: Hazel
FEET: All I remember are the bright red high heels.
SKIN TONE: Perfectly pale against her black outfit
TATTOOS: 2 beautiful ones (That I have seen in pictures only)
CLOTHES: Skin-tight black catsuit. MEOW!
ENERGY LEVEL DISPLAYED: Measured and controlled, spiking when needed
DRINKS: At the end of a long day, I sure hope so!
DONTS: Don’t flake
WEBSITE: http://www.victoriarage.com/
SCREENING PROCESS: Variable – See website
EMAIL / PHONE / RATES: See website
RECOMMEND: Absolutely!
REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.

As a preface, this review is not just for my first session with Domina Victoria Rage, but in fact my first visit ever to a Dominatrix / Mistress of any sort. This was an experience that was literally decades in the making. Domina Victoria gave me an absolutely perfect introduction into the world of kinky BDSM fun that not only lived up to the anticipation but surpassed it in so many delicious ways. I feel so very fortunate to have crossed paths with this Sadistic, Playful, and Caring Domina!

After writing my letter of introduction, we spoke on the phone to discuss my interests and schedule a time. As the date approached we continued to exchange emails where I asked her questions, or listed additional things I was too tongue-tied to say on the phone. As this was all new to me, I read through her blog / website to try to get an idea of what to expect, and I was very impressed with the amount of work she puts in to her online presence. There is so much great info, and it really helped me feel comfortable enough to take the first step and make contact.

I arrived at the dungeon on a beautiful sunny day, with my heart trying to pound it’s way out of my chest. After knocking on the door, it swung open revealing… nothing! It was pitch black inside to my unadjusted eyes. I stepped across the threshold as the door closed behind me. Faint red light began to work it’s way in to my optic nerves as I heard Domina Victoria moving around me, still invisible. Finally as we introduced ourselves, I managed to make out her mind-bogglingly perfect silhouette. Her shiny black catsuit was accented with a pair of sexy red heels, and her long, dark hair was pulled back in to a tight pony tail. She is stunningly beautiful, and carries herself with a sexy confidence that had me ready to drop to my knees.

We sat briefly to discuss how I was feeling, and go over any concerns that I had before I took a quick shower in her immaculate and well appointed bathroom. Her entire dungeon was very clean, with multiple rooms lined with an impressive collection of furniture, gear, tools, and implements of kinky delight. The space feels somehow intimate despite being large enough to house everything. Rumor has it that the walls have recently been painted black, which I can not wait to see! Sexy, dark music was quietly playing during the session, which surprised me at first, but which I really enjoyed. (I would buy a soundtrack from my session if I could!)

I emerged naked from the shower and Domina Victoria Rage directed me in to the next room. She sat down in a chair, firmly grabbed my wrist and pulled me across her lap. It was then that I received my very first spanking of my life. I will not go in to the specific details of what she did to me during our session beyond this, but suffice it to say that it was an absolutely incredible experience for me. And to be honest, all the BDSM activities, tools, gear, implements etc… are all a means to an end for me. It is all about the mental space and the guided journey to the darker, unexplored places in my mind that I had been desperately craving for so very long. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of exotic torment and all her tools of the trade! But I had the unmistakable feeling that these were all part of a deeper experience that was about energy, submission, and mental exploration.

I admittedly threw a lot of ideas at Domina Victoria Rage in terms of activities and interests during our pre-session communication. Far too many to cram in to our allotted time! But she expertly identified the common themes running through them, and wove together a  session that hit all my buttons in just the right way. Even buttons I didn’t know I had! Despite the fact that I had listed very specific activities, I was totally surprised (In the best way possible) by the journey she took me on. She played my body like a musician might play an instrument, expertly using tools and techniques that had me completely under her control, moaning, crying out in agony, sighing in relief and trembling in anticipation.

If you choose to see her, you will find that Domina Victoria puts a lot of thought in to every aspect of her sessions. Even while inflicting the most intense pain, it is obvious she cares deeply. She offered water when I needed it, and checked in with me when she sensed I might need a brief timeout here and there. The Mistress also knew just when to push my limits when I was getting too comfortable. She expertly tickled the edges of my mind with hints of fear or threats of pain to come when I needed it.  Domina Victoria knew *just* how far to take things by reading me and my reactions.

I truly can not express in words what a great experience this was. If you are a newbie like me, you could not possibly place yourself in better hands than those of Domina Victoria Rage. If you are a tried and true BDSM aficionado, I can only imagine how enjoyable it would be to explore your kinks, and push your limits with this amazing Woman at the wheel! Thank you Domina Victoria for a truly special, memorable and fulfilling experience that I had been looking forward to for so very long. You gave me memories that I will always treasure.

Other funny, surprising and standout moments:

The wicked / sweet smile that crossed Domina Victoria’s face when I told her I had never been spanked in my life, even as a child.

Lying, strapped down to a table and Hearing Domina Victoria’s evil laugh from the next room , as she was deciding which device to use on me next.

The look of pure wicked joy on her face when she unsheathed her cat claws, a toy I had admitted to her I was afraid of.

The long loud moan that issued from my lips when Domina Victoria let her hair down mid-session. I was in such a state that this had almost as much impact on me as a cane stroke!

I flinched WELL before the contact of a paddle stroke, and Domina Victoria, stopped the paddle inches from my behind, tilted her head and gave me a knowing look that sent a chill down my spine. The next stroke she pulled back again at the last second, but I didn’t move a millimeter. She said “Oh, I didn’t fool you that time.” What she didn’t know was that she did fool me. But after the flinch I was actually sad that the stroke had not connected. I had relaxed into my body, and I was so eager and hungry for the next stroke that I simply surrendered and waited for it. I was unable to speak at this point, so did my best to communicate by wiggling my ass.  ;D

I responded “Gubuhhh” after a question during disciplinary impact play, to which Domina Victoria replied “Gubuhhh is not an answer!” And gave me 10 rapid fire strokes as I attempted to get my mouth working again. The tone in her voice as she corrected me is burned in to a special place in my mind.  ::)

Subspace… I did not think I was going to get there, but I went there in a big way. It is the most amazing feeling, and I don’t know if I have never felt more content in my life than at the end of our session. I was strapped down, completely immobile, yet soaring through the clouds on newly sprouted wings.


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