First Annual – Chastity Release Party!



Here we are, two days before the 4th of July and while everyone else is out buying grill supplies and fire works in bulk, here I sit stocking up on supplies for a very different type of event.

Independence day will be my first ever “Chastity Release” party!

Many Mistresses host their own semi-public events, Foot Night being one of the more well known occasions, and I’ve always wanted to have my own kinky coming together revolving around things that were near and dear to my heart. So after a bit of reflection, it dawned on my that key holding is one of my very favorite activities. It’s hard to believe that in a venue that’s so erotic, I deny many men the benefit of self pleasure all in a demonstration of their submission to me, their Domina.

While it’s true that this is NOT the case with *most* of my visitors, there is a sizable group of regulars near and far who have turned over their family jewels to this strict and unflinching key holder….and since I’m always one to reward when good behavior should be applauded; a select dozen have been invited to lose their bonds for a day and enjoy a 6 hour party in the theme of decadent overindulgence.

Naturally, there would be a bit of unbalance if I were the only Top in attendance, so I’ve invited a few of my closest dominant girlfriends and a few woman of flexible repute to give these poor boys a chance for a bit of a break from their bonds and cages. I’m planning a series of challenges, games and prizes – all of which will be written about after the holiday for you to envy and gasp over.



So stay tuned….in a few days, I’m going to have one hell of a blog entry coming your way…



Now, before my inbox fills up with a flurry of questions: let me answer them off the bat.


Why wasn’t I invited?

Only a dozen people were – and they were hand chosen based on schedule, play style, flexibility in playing with other men/ women, and a number of other factors. If you weren’t invited, it didn’t mean you didn’t ‘make the cut’, it just means that I had limited space and chose to invite guests almost in lottery style.


Will you be doing this again next year?

Yes, I fully intend on it.


Can I come next year?

Possibly. If I’ve been your key holder for more than 6 months, you’re a regular visitor, you will be in the area, are happy to play and participate with kinksters of all genders and will not require my on on one undivided attention; yes, I’ll send you an invite next year.


Is there a fee?

Yes, but it’s minimal and covers the venue, food, drinks and supplies.


Is the party in your dungeon?

No. For a number of reasons, this will be held at a fully equipped location within Seattle that is private, clean, safe and NOT in my dungeon.


If I’ve been invited, can I bring anyone?



I haven’t been invited, but can I help in any way?

Not this year, but next year – perhaps. Anyone interested in forced bi (who is a current visiting playmate) may volunteer their skills for the next event.


Will any other Seattle Pro Dommes be attending?

Pro Dommes – no. As professionals require compensation for their time when their are ‘working’, I have chosen my real life Dominant girlfriends – all of whom are genuine lifestyle Mistresses to populate this gathering.


Will there be any Pro Dommes attending next year?

Maybe. I’ve played with the idea of charging a twinge more for entry in order to cover the time of a few professionals. We’ll see how this first event goes though…

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  2. Othello

    I love this more than words can possibly express!

  3. Rick Ricker

    thank you

  4. joe01

    If you ever do another release party, you could always do it in the winter and have the slaves build a snowman and then attempt to do it. Oh, the delicious mindfuck!

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