Chastity Release Party: The Filthy Recap!


The party… My oh my, what can I say? 

It’s taken me nearly a week to find the words to express what exactly happened that fateful Independence Day and even now, I realize my toned down ‘blog friendly’ version of this recap doesn’t do it justice. It was filth, it was fun, it was everything you’d expect from me if given a room full of willing participants.
Imagine, a suite full of desperate men who had been locked for weeks in rigid chastity for weeks, my cruel lifestyle girlfriends, and three overly sexed young professional coutesans who couldn’t contain their amusement at my caged up boys. It was a recipe for an adrenaline filled evening that surely did not disappoint!

Right off the bat I had all my pets strip; why waste any time with formalities? My ladies entertained themselves by pointing out the men with especially modest endowments as I removed their devices. Of course, before doing so, I issued a stern warning that any self touching would lead to their immediate banishment from this party. After a very brief CFNM meet and greet, it was time for the first event; a game.


Round 1: Open Wide
The first game was a cock sucking contest! You can’t really be surprise can you?
Once I declared the name of the event, I could see some boys were more enthused than others; and a couple were visibly terrified until they realized the ladies of the party were all strapping into their tight fitting strap ons. Had they really thought I’d begin with enforced bi? (maybe next year). Their relief would be short lived as *I* picked out the dildos to be used, and as you might assume – I went BIG! In groups of four my pets all dropped to their knees and went to town as best they could. Eyes wide and jaws locked open they tried to force as many inches down their throats as possible…well most of them did anyway. I learned oh so much about my boys as some took to it like fish in water while others lapped at the engorged plastic cocks like they were eating lollipops. Novices! The girls were all quite amused, some sitting or standing politely as the boys offered their ministrations, while others went on to thrust forcefully into the boys faces – thoroughly testing their gag reflexes. 
After finding one real stand out in the crowd, we briefly deliberated before declaring him the overwhelming winner! His reward? 15 minutes alone with one of my previously mentioned over sexed friends. She was more than happy to offer him his due, actually she was beyond thrilled – grabbing a handful of condoms and taking him forcefully by the hand to the ‘relief room’. Needless to say, he didn’t even need the full 15 minutes after being locked up for 32 days.
After seeing what the first reward was, the rest of the crowed was even more motivated to win the remaining events.

Round 2: The Race
The next game was simply titled The Race, though more specifically it could be called the Peg Race. I got this idea from Kami Tora (pic above. We set down two long benches with a line of butt plugs in ever increasing sizes. The plugs started small, only an inch and a quarter, but then got bigger and bigger. The last plug was basically the size of a coke can. It was more than fortunate of me to have a skilled carpenter in my stable and he hand crafted half a dozen Peg Boards just because he knew I wanted to make this photo a reality.

The rules were simple:
* Any of my anal sluts could enter the race
* Their asses would have to touch the bench all the way before moving on.
* The winners would be the two who finished the race the fastest, or went the furthest for those who failed to finish.
* They could not go so fast that they risked injury to themselves and all of this would be done under the watchful eye of EVERYONE in the room.

As it turns out I only had four pets who thought that they were experienced enough to try the race. Glory Holes would have been one of my favorites to win but unfortunately (for him!) he is being punished and I am not allowing him to play with his ass for six months. So he had to bow out of an event. The competition was fierce, the 4 volunteers lined up, lubed up and got ready to begin. All of them were rather cocky in their abilities – thinking this would be a piece of cake! Oh how wrong they were…..

My four sluts moaned and groaned as they impaled themselves on plug after plug, coaxed on by the thought of the unnamed reward that was to come! It was quite a visual….and the one moment in the party that I truly regretted my very own NO VIDEO policy.

Much to my surprise, three of the four actually finished the course! Frankly, the rest of us just couldn’t believe it but these boys wanted to win BAD! Only after we determined who fished fastest (by a mere 2 seconds) did we declare the second winner. His prize was simple but precisely what he wanted; a fisting from the lady of his choice in the relief room.

Round 3: Jewels In Peril

In round three the intensity was really ramped up. I had only planned 4 various games and so, it was widely known that while 10 men were in attendance, only 4 would win prizes. Naturally, as things were meant to be harder and harder as the night wore on, this scenario and all others from here on out were mandatory.
I lined my playmates up in an orderly row and had them all look me in the eye as I explained this would be a (safe) ball busting tournament. Heads lowered and eyes squeezed tightly shut as the true gravity of what was going to happen really sunk in. My Domme friends mercifully began with small taps, slaps, smacks and ever building forms of impact to get them acclimated. The echos of grunts filled the room as we all quickly realized that the two boys who already visited the ‘relief room’ had it easiest in this game. After 3 men had to bow out after just a few light whacks, the rest stood overwhelmingly firm until we had built up to mild kicking. Our silky bare feet and soft leather boots did the trick after just another couple of minutes, but it was positively amusing to see them struggle with the entirety of their will power to be the last man standing. 
After much impact and a rather impressive display of focus we had our winner – and though his balls were aching from the game, he was thrilled to take his pleasure as gifted to him; relief via forced bi with my personal slave Glory Holes.

Round 4: Hard Rods

For the final event, the last seven boys were simply positioned bottoms up and caned while they were allowed to tend to themselves. Though better prizes were meted out earlier in the evening, they were quite happy to be allowed even this.  A few of them though, were complete lightweights and couldn’t summon the focus needed to break their dry spell, while others had the concentration of an Olympic athlete as they headed towards the finish line, ignoring the ever growing warmth in their upturned asses. This round, Glory Holes, took it the hardest but was denied relief entirely. It seems only fitting that despite his 6 weeks in lock up, that he be forced to endure a relief party without gaining the benefit of any relief….he is my personal slave after all.
When things wound down and everyone appeared a bit spent, I gave the group a few moments to collect themselves as I laid out my last plan of the night. I passed around some necessities: wine, protection, lubrication and towels, and it became clear that I was setting everyone up for a Spartan style free for all. I didn’t need to encourage anyone at this point…the hint was taken loud and clear as people teamed up for one last hurrah before the fireworks. From a few feet away, I sat on the only surface that wasn’t overtaken by writhing bodies (the dining room table) and sipped a glass of decadent Noir. Though it was an exciting and busy evening, I took in the visuals and memories as best I could. It certainly wasn’t bad for a first year…..but I think next year, I’ll find a way to outdo myself.  Until then, back into lock up boys!

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