GoPro or No Go?


It ‘a no surprise that both my audience and my clients are very much enthralled when I take and share session photos or videos (with permission).

Who wouldn’t? It’s sexy to have your dirty deeds documented – and if you’re into it, it’s even hotter when you get to have those filmed bits of filth presented to a sizable audience. Its why amature porn is so big, right?

It’s just hot to see yourself acting like a sexual primal animal; or in my capacity – to see yourself being toyed with, bound, used and abused, by a sinful seductress.

Try as I might, I never feel like the images I take truly capture the moment. You never get to hear the sounds of my punished pet as he breaths heavily under my cane stroke…or the begging for MORE as I dip and tease my metal urethral sounds deep inside his cock. You miss the shivering, the elevated heart rate, my mocking laugh and purring comments: what you get is a flash and a split second locked in time. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all obscenely erotic…

….but I think I can do better.


I’ve been thinking (when do I ever stop) and it seems these little GoPro cameras are pretty damn popular these days. You strap them to yourself (or something near by) and you get a distortion free, wide angle, perfect sound recording – or live streaming – of the action.

You see where I’m going right?

So, I’m putting it out there to gauge general interest in the idea of sessions that involve the option of having it all recorded by a camera worn by me (or you) to catch first hand and up close; your deviant demise.

Naturally, this is only something I would do with someone’s very direct permission. I have NO desire to otherwise violate the trust and privacy of my visitors. Any cameras or recording devices I may have would only come out if you specifically requested this.

….but for those who are into being watched or seeing themselves endure various tormenting scenarios at my hands: I’m craving some feedback to the possibility.

Feel free to share your thoughts via tweet responses and comments.

Side note: anyone who would recommend using a standard camcorder on a tripod in place of my suggestion let me stop you right there…

My dungeon is a multi room studio with low light and music playing for all sessions. Sadly at this time I haven’t found a camera that will record quality video under these conditions….that doesn’t also require a camera operator or constant repositioning of the equipment as we move from room to room: or device to device 😉

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5 Thoughts to “GoPro or No Go?”

  1. The Half Heard

    From a geeky I-work-in-a-camera-store point of view, I’d recommend the Sony AS100V over the GoPro cameras… Sharper lens, better audio, better performance in low light – Sony make seriously good sensors and all that.

    And some proof here –

    I always thought an action cam mounted on a flogger handle would be seriously entertaining to watch, hehe.

    — The Half Heard

  2. I would totally love this for some visits OMG!


  3. Love, love, love this idea

  4. severinus

    Dear Lady Victoria – this sounds like a wonderful idea – especially the subjective cameraview (top or bottom – or both, eventually composed together) is a new point of view – which is completely different to standard porn. It would be a more documentary video – eventually even filmed in black and white only – i would go for it if i was Your sub 😉

  5. mon humble est bien d’accord il est pas facile de faire des photos lors de sessios de jeux , go pro peut etre oui je ne connais pas vraiment l’appareil mais a en vir les photos sur internet comme les petites videos cela me semble bien
    a essayer en base lumiere mais attention a faire des mouvements lents car beaucoups d’images floues
    grand bien a vous Lady Victoria
    votre humble serviteur

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