Remaining November Availability

Happy weekend my Pervy Playmates!

Just a little note, an update really, regarding my availability for this month…..

As I had previously mentioned that it was all but totally booked out for November, I neglected to remember that this time of year a rather aggressive cold/flu cycles through Seattle and my visitors drop like flies as they stay home to nurse themselves back to health.

This year, like all others is no exception and while once my schedule overflowed, it now looks like Swiss cheese.

While I do admit I sit back and grin the possibility of having a bit of free time to relax before my vacation, I truly can’t stand the thought of not spending my time doing what I love most. So, if I’ve previously told you that I couldn’t accommodate your request this month, by all means try me again. And if you’re just now thinking about coming for a visit, drop me a line!

The cut off for my bookings this month is still the 21st before I head to California, but rest assured I will be back and ready for more fun the 28th and beyond.

In the meantime, I hope those of you who are recovering from your cold or flu’s do so swiftly and painlessly. Nothing is worse than having to be brave and illness around the holidays.

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