New Year – New Temptations!


It’s always such a bizarre thing, the month of December in general.

I think I personally look forward to it all year long, excitedly envisioning the amazing sessions I’m going to have, themed parties, vacation and the like, all leading up to whatever Winter festivity I choose to celebrate that year.

This one, like all Decembers past, flew by at light-speed. It’s all a sexy blur of kink, latex, candlelit happy hours and many a trip from UPS to my front door to deliver goodies from family and friends alike. I almost get so caught up in a whirlwind of things that I forget to stop and deeply enjoy the flood of what’s happening around me.

I know a lot of you are like me in this regard and as I’ve let many of you out the door of my dungeon after a much-needed break, you also echo a dismayed sentiment of ‘where exactly has the time gone’?

With that in mind, as we usher in another glittering and glamour year, I encourage you all (and myself as well) to remember that we all need a break every now and then. To take time for selves, to enjoy the small things and to allow ourselves a chance to soak in the sensuality and celebration of our own lives.

Don’t worry my sinful sweethearts, I don’t expect you to do all of that on your own! As always, I’ll be here through 2015 to be your respite, your deviation and your partner partner in crime….and boy have I got some wonderful new dungeon additions in store for you!

As I’m always one for synchronicity, I’ll be unveiling a wealth of new gear, scenes, web updates and more beginning on the first!

A little sampling of what you can look forward to: new sensory dep toys, rubber bondage implements, a full 11 item latex wardrobe for me, 4 new rubber and leather hoods, a brand new one size fits all rubber sleep sack, leather straight jacket, devilish bondage bars, erotic hypno recording scenes, new electro insertable implements and a nice long January 10th photo shoot to kick it off!

Enjoy your restful years end sweet boys – come January, I’m going to make your blood pump like never before….


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