So, about those *New Photos* I’ve been talking about……

I’ve been busy lately, though when am I ever not graced with a full schedule this days?

I’m starting to feel that if I’ve for time to sit, to take a breath, that’s time better spent on other things. Sexy, salacious and deviant things….

My dungeon has come along famously in the last year since I moved into my home, plans for new furniture and possibly an expansion to 4 or 5 playrooms is being considered and I’ve reconnected with an old photographer who’s found himself in a new phase of life; and ¬†ready to pick back up in the meantime on being an amazing camera man for yours truly.

A couple weeks back, we had our first reconnection shoot; and despite me taking it as more of a fun ‘let’s see where our dynamic takes us now’ sort of thing, he truly captured some rather amazing moods in our session.

I love photography, I always have and I heavily admire the artists who can bring a still image and breathe life in it. It takes skill and as I’m usually quite critical of how I look in pictures; always keenly aware that I’m ‘posing’, he’s gracefully managed to get around that to show me in a finished work what my play partners have only been able to describe in person.

So, without further adieu, here’s a small sampling of our collaboration…

DVRRubber DeviousDomina MetalTower VRCloseUp WardenRage


DVRClaw DVRRough

As it stands, we have been chatting about doing a series of images over the next few months so you can look forward to MANY drool worthy updates as we approach the warmer months…


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4 Thoughts to “So, about those *New Photos* I’ve been talking about……”

  1. jean-marc

    Such sexy pictures cannot wait for the day when i have the chance to be dominated by You

  2. Very lovely news picture , I loved so mucht
    your humble and obedient servant

  3. Up4fun1

    I absolutely adore these pics of you in rubber, Domina! I especially love you in your black rubber catsuit and stiletto heeled boots! Mmmmm!!

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