New Blog Location!

Good Evening my Dearest Deviants,

This post will be short and sweet – just a little update on the finally solved drama that was my WordPress site.
If you follow me on Twitter or tried recently to access my posts via old links and bookmarks, you will of notice that WP chose to suspend my site. 

Apparently, after five years of writing – they found my content to be a violation of their TOU. Turns out, that even while on vacation and armed with little more than an iPhone, it didn’t take me long to find a third-party to swoop in and help me host my site personally.

So, my content was been saved and moved to a new spot:

Those of you who are signed up for automatic updates, I’m sorry to say that you will need to reaubscribe to this blog – the only thing I couldn’t transfer were my followers!

Also, if you’ve bookmarked my previous link – go ahead and update your settings now!

The design and layout are coming along so stay tuned for regular updates and additions!!!

And, if you’re not already a subscribed member, feel free to show your loyalty by signing up here:

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