What’s New: Abbreviated Play Dates Now Available!!!

Victoria Rage
In my last post, I promised an avalanche of new experiences that  I’ll be making regularly available for my adoring fans and followers. Today’s announcement is an expansion on that, and will definitely raise the blood pressure of some of my more self proclaimed ‘vanilla’ visitors.
To the point, I’ve got a number of you who have a simple diet of desires and don’t want or need the whole production of a long appointment with a complicated plan.
So what’s a boy to do when Lady Rage seems to specialize mostly in intensely thought out play dates or extended engagements? Well….he asks very nicely to take advantage of my abbreviated offerings list!!!
For the time being, I will welcome select 30 or 45 minute appointments geared towards low key fetish indulgence. This will come with a reduced tribute and will be confined to ONE of a limited list of activities to avoid spending more time with prep/clean up then the actual appointment itself.
So what’s on my wicked little list?
*Chat only (meet & greet with dungeon tour)
*Foot worship/trampling
*Corporal Punishment
*Tease and denial
*Violation Play
*Bondage & Abandonment (Rope only)
*Chastity Device Attachment
Rates will be 200/30 mins and 220/45 mins.

I should be clear from the beginning that these time frames are from door to door: there is no additional time allowed for chat, aftercare, showering or Q&A. If you need a longer duration, that’s totally okay, but you’ll need to refer to my traditional tributes. 
Abbreviated playdates are really aimed at those with limited time, funds or specific tastes. Duos and outfit requests are NOT available for these scenes and time extensions may not be possible as these will be scheduled around longer pre planned scenes; but if you like it short and sweet, this will be right up your alley.
Now…..who wants to go first?

Domina Victoria Rage
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