30 days until I’m officially 31!!!

It’s really hard to believe, but just a month from today will be my 31st birthday.
Honestly, when I look back I really can’t tell where the time went. I feel like the last year has been just a sensual blur of leather, faces contorted in pleasure and the lingering aroma of latex – but what a way to spend a year!
I intend for the next month to be an all out, no holds barred, roller coaster of all things licentious and lovely! Granted, turning 31 is nothing special, it’s just one step further into the hallway that is my 30s, I think everything in life is worth celebrating and apparently many of you would agree. Since requests have already started coming in for what might make my special day even more special, I’ve compiled a little list of things that would put an ear to ear smile across my wicked face.
First and foremost – I want you!
I want to play often, hard, and creatively. Regular visitors are encouraged especially to contact me between now and July 19 to help indulge my every fantasy… And of course, yours as well!
If it’s been a while since we’ve connected, welcome back! I would love to see some visitors from my distant past as well as current regular pets and people I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting.
If you’re not able to visit in person but would still like to show your care and devotion, I have an active Amazon Wish List that I add to constantly: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=nav_youraccount_wl?ie=UTF8&requiresSignIn=1
Last but not least, I’ve been doing a LOT of traveling lately so anyone gifted with Alaska Air or Hotels.com miles or vouchers – I would be happy to take them off your hands! Nothing says Happy Birthday like the gift of travel and freedom!
Of course, while all of this sounds a little bit like a Veruca Salt style ‘gimme gimme’ post – I really am just content with written well wishes and warm thoughts from the playmates that make the other 364 days of my year totally incredible. No one could ask for a better life!
….but seriously, fork over your Alaska Air miles.


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