Notice: Unavailable July 1st-7th



Dearest Readers and Regulars,


I’ve been holding off on this post since my plans weren’t 100% certain, but as the time draws nearer and nearer, I’m finding it necessary to give you all a heads up.

I will be taking on more stint of time off, though just for a week beginning on July 1st and ending on the 7th.

This goes back to my last vacation notice where I mentioned that I’d visited a dear elderly relative; well, after assessing the condition of the situation – I’ve made it a priority to visit her again, in case this is my last chance to do so.


While I take this time off with a heavy heart, I am a very balanced person and have mentally prepared myself for what lies ahead. I find that realizing how short ‘time’ can be, has filled me with a sense of affirmation that life should be enjoyed and lived to it’s fullest. I feel driven and filled with both intent and purpose.


Personally, I’ve always been impulsive – rarely do I allow a single day to pass without finding a deep sense of satisfaction in something I’ve done (or have done to someone), so my energy this month and next will be unusually high and slightly devious as a counterbalance.


So, if you’d like to get together with me before I leave, there are still a few June openings available.


25th (tomorrow) 11am-afternoon

27th Saturday 11am-11pm

30th 11-3

After that, I will return full force and then some! Bookings will resume July 8th and advance scheduling is welcome as always.




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