Back in Seattle and feeling Sinister!!!!

I’m back in Seattle my devilish darlings – safe and sound!


My trip was lovely, relaxing, refreshing and filled with all the familial visits I had hoped for. Though admittedly, in between visiting my dear folks, I spent plenty of time holed up in my beachfront resort taking in the sights and sounds of home.

And by that, I mean that I wandered around on the beach in a wine fueled haze.

I needed that contrast though; visiting family is never entirely easy when you have to do a certain amount of self-supression to keep from raising too many questions.

While they know of and are fairly supportive of my kinky career, it’s hard to have normal chats about work or weekend plans when I’m usually fist deep in my playmates whenever I get the chance. So wine and breezy walks served as a lovely respite after a long day.


It was breathtaking though…..




If I’m going to be on a beach in sunlight, you better believe I’m getting it on camera!



Though I was born there and lived there for 22 years before moving to the PNW, visiting South Florida just no longer felt like home. Gorgeous as it was, I realize that my heart is truly in Seattle with my dungeon, my friends, my pets and my clients.


Hopping on that 737 home, all I could think about was how much I was looking forward to getting back to my routine. Waking up to a slew of emails, glamming up in expensive make up and shiny rubber and spending my hours acting out endless fantasies. I live a life almost exclusively dedicated to the unabashed pursuit of pleasure and I couldn’t image being more devoted to the cause!



With that in mind, today I have been catching up as quickly as possible on missed correspondence, so try to be patient if you’ve been anxiously looking forward to my reply! I’m armed with coffee and definitely making a dent in this little backlog.

As far as availability; immediate and otherwise, my calendar is about 1/3 full for the month but I still have plenty of time between now and the 30th. Though don’t forget, my birthday is just a couple of weeks away and I want nothing more than to sink my claws into my precious pets – especially those I haven’t seen in a while!

So make some time and let’s get a little naughty together, Mistress is feeling a little insatiable!!!


Domina Victoria Rage 
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