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Chastity is one of those unique kinks where there’s not much room for neutrality. Plain and simple, you’re either stirred by the thought of a domineering Goddess keeping you from self-satisfaction or you find the concept a little too frustrating to enjoy that form of control. Fortunately for me, I find most men are enamored by the idea, it’s such a deep and thorough act of submission to offer up your personal pleasure and I tend to draw those who long to do nearly anything to amuse or satisfy me.


Personally, I love locking up men. I’ve been holding keys since the good old days when the CB3000 was just about the best tool on the market. Oh, how far we have come!

I find that of all the things a Mistress can do with her playmates, controlling his most primal instinct is one of the most intimate and all-encompassing acts. There’s no escape, there’s no relief – there’s just an ever building sense of desperation and optimistic anticipation.


What’s not to love?

It’s been about a year since I made my last post regarding various devices you can buy (for those who are interested) and with a few new toys out and about, I figured it was well past time that I update things a bit. Believe me, I buy just about every new gadget the moment it hits the shelf, and some are just not worth the money.

With that in mind, if you missed my previous product review, take a peek HERE. Though moving forward some of the best manufacturers out there have presented a couple new products.


Let’s start with the universal favorite Oxballs!



Though the name isn’t synonymous with chastity, you will know and love them for their other CBT toys.

This device, I really like for a number of reasons, in fact, I’ve made it a training toy for men who are just starting out or are simply still considering a lock down. It’s commitment without lock and key, but it’s certainly a step above just trying to keep your hands off your self.

This design is made of safe, non porous and non toxic materials, it’s lightweight, stretchy and reasonably comfortable. If you’ve never put on or worn a device before – this will be as easy of an introductory step as you can possibly come across. You can wear it every day and you can take it off to wash when necessary. There’s also a hole in the tip for air flow and biological functions but the semi flexible construct will definitely shield your cock from unnecessary stimulation and hinder full erections.


You find it for purchase Here.

Or see a short video demo Here.




The second device in the spotlight is for those of you who want the real deal!


(as modeled by my personal slave)


I had long debated between two companies: Mature Metal and Steelworxx, for the full stainless steel experience, but aside from the perplexing difference in price, Mature Metal won out primarily due to lightening fast and very helpful customer service. (though it’s worth noting they are highly well reviewed by both myself and numerous other happy customers).

Now, you can’t buy these in stores, but you can order them online and it’s worth the time and patience it will take you to get one. There is a 6 week wait period (which you can expedite for a small up charge), but you can count yourself as set for life with one of these locked around your cock.

A few comments about logistics: they are impossibly comfortable, thanks to the specific are careful steps they offer for self measurement, as well as a sturdy due to a singular surgical steel design that allows for an absence of gaps to pinch or squeeze during normal wear. Being medical grade steel, it’s also entirely safe to wear long-term. A durable, non porous design allows to you to stay hygienic and safe even during long and agonizing stints in rigid chastity.

In other words, once this is locked on, you really won’t have an excuse to take it off before you are permitted.

Chastity is definitely a rising favorite, so if you’ve found yourself a bit curious – why not take a leap  and give it a try. If you’re someone who’s coming to visit me in person, we can even add that in to the build up if you schedule a bit in advance. 😉

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