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Is it just me, or summer the most hectic season of them all? It seems like even the best laid plans seem to be thrown into the wind in a moments notice.  I truly can’t tell you how many cancellations or reschedules I’ve had this month, some within minutes of when I’m expecting my visitor, and frustrating as it seems the first half a dozen times – I think it’s simply something about the warmer months that make things a bit unpredictable.


That unpredictability is the bane of a sex worker’s existence,  but as far as I’m concerned, it does leave an open opportunity for those of you who enjoy a bit of spontaneity and want to take advantage of some last minute availability.

And what could possibly be better than receiving a note from your favorite dominatrix beckoning you to her doorstep because she had some unexpected free time? That’s right – nothing.

So you want to get on my list? Great! It’s an open invitation to all retuning clients!

All you need to do is send an email to titling the message ‘On Call’.  In your note, let me know the best way to get a hold of you, (preferably a number where you can  receive a discrete text) – easy as pie.

If someone happens to cancel or rearrange an appointment with me at the last minute, you can expect a me to drop you a line. If it’s very short notice, you might get lucky -I could be offering a discount!

I know some of you won’t be comfortable with me reaching out to you directly, so feel free to follow me on Twitter. I always post availability notifications There as well, though I do not offer discounts publicly. That will be reserved for the opportunistic few who are bold and brave enough to sign up for my list directly!


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