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I met this lovely man a few days ago to explore a rarely engage activity that we both held a deep fascination for. During our time together he mentioned creating a write up of our experience, though it was well outside the detail I would permit for general public view.

After assuring me his discretion, I welcomed his commentary and offered him the challenge: to review me in a Lovecraft-ian theme. Little did I know, it was unwise to challenge a science fiction writer to such a task…..he had this posted by the very next morning….




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Posted by: Grawlix ®
07/26/2015, 10:31:51

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I journeyed south from the central hills of Seattle and it wasn’t long before I became lost in another world, a host of people fresh from some obscure street of markets toting bags overloaded with greens and odd game birds. They brought with them their language, a fondness for wide-brimmed hats, and a certain waft of garlic and other heavy spices within their breath. And loud. The giant, huffing coach became like a conveyance from a foreign place like Saigon or Phnom Penh. I tried once again to reconcile myself to not knowing anything for certain, to just relax and have an experience. Still, the lack of familiar sights and sounds disconcerted me and my nervousness and concupescence caused me to vibrate quite fiercely.
I gained the street not far from my destination having traveled a short way in distance but a very long way toward my desire. Men and women are driven by many types of internal machinations and after a time many of us find ourselves in need of assistance in order to satisfy those drives. Many of those drives are considered dark or manic and there are many people in positions of power and judgment who well might look down their noses while secretly longing for the same expression and fulfillment of those drives. Thus my nose drove me to seek out Domina Victoria Rage.I ventured down several streets and found an unassuming house and took the bright path around the side as instructed. Be warned: the brightness outside belied the darkness within. What can I tell you about the chambers located at the end of the path? Well appointed, spotless, and gleaming in the hellish red light the Mistress favors. There are devices to thrill and terrify located within, more than my eye could take in, especially when confronted by the Mistress herself.

Media places many illusions in front of us on a daily basis. Prepackaged people whose only purpose seems to be to whittle their physical self down to a dried out husk, scraped hollow and altered cosmetically to exemplify a near unattainable standard of being that very few races out of history would recognize as attractive. The Mistress, however, has a lush stature that all men and women will realize is both desirable and puissant. Dressed all in black, she made me welcome and I was instantly taken under the sway of her voice, at times deep, at times almost childlike, especially when she was taking delight in my distress. Of that I don’t have the strength to say much. I hope it will suffice to say that after a ritual cleansing I was taken to an antechamber off the main salon where I found myself bound and blindfolded. A wild celebration began full of bite and vibration and when I thought I could take no more, the Mistress proved that I could and each time I thought I was reaching a pinnacle of hedonistic ecstasy she asserted firm control and reacquainted me regarding who was in control. She rubbed my nose in it and I loved it. The journey she prodded me on took me to three peaks and left me fearing for my bodily health.

How long is infinity? The Mistress showed me it is not long enough. I emerged into the summer light disoriented with my belt rattling about my waist – I had been reduced to the state of a child; one who could not be trusted to dress himself. Though the sun was bright and the air warm, I shivered to think my perspective had been changed forever. I had given myself over to what I thought was an absolute expression of what I wanted and when I had the temerity to express such to the Mistress she laughed. Oh how her lips shaped those words she spoke, those truths that I cannot tell you and can only suggest that you might take heart and seek out those truths for yourself.

I am still shivering. I am not the man I was before. The Mistress infected all my senses and they only serve her now. I can hear her laugh. She is waiting.

{yes, that was a long review and not particularly detailed as to what I went in for, but YMMV depending on what you are into. Our session happened on July 23, 2015, the domina is gorgeous, just as her pictures on her website display. Scheduling was a breeze. Our time together was breath-taking (literally) and I am looking forward to seeing her again. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!}

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