New Mummification Sack!

The new gear has started to pour in, and if you missed my tweet about it – shame on you!

This year for my birthday I made the purchase of a lifetime, or at least, the biggest purchase I’ll make until next year, because let’s face it, I’m an unstoppable gear addict!

After eyeing a number of items from, Mr S leather and a few other kinky web stores, I woman-ed up and laid out $7k for new toys, tools and furniture.

Many of the items are custom made and will take a few weeks to arrive, but the toys have started pooling in just as fast as UPS can deliver them.

The small list includes some plush and padded leather cuffs, suspension cuffs, a full series of glass anal training toys, an even dozen Tantus Dildos, even more nipple clamps and several new outfits to visually seduce you as well – photo shoot on those tomorrow!

While I don’t have the energy to make a post for every new box of goodies that arrives, I will absolutely brag about the arrival of my new body bag!!!





I’ve had one in rubber for a while and it’s been quite a welcome addition to my space, but with so many who prefer something in a more inflexible material, this is the device to quench that craving for inescapable (but breathable) bondage.


The photo shows the basis of the design, but within the bag are sleeves for your arms and legs to be locked in securely, zipped up and finally belted in before the bag is either suspended or secured to a table. It’s comparable to a full body straight jacket and every bit as frustrating. Can you just imagine how helpless and vulnerable you’d be in this?



I’ve taken a special pleasure in this design because a love for breath play has welled up in me lately, as has anal plugging, and repeated t/d and pot combos. This has been a perfect bondage solution to my┬ápotent combo of unusual urges…

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2 Thoughts to “New Mummification Sack!”

  1. The Half Heard

    So very lovely. Having owned a few sleepsacks, I know every submissive who loves the feeling of restriction is going to love it if they are put inside this.

    And yes, very vulnerable!

  2. Deva

    :O that looks like someplace I want to be!!!

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