Playing well with others… My! Oh! Mia!

As quickly as I will snatch up every new kink toy that comes out, I’m equally fast to add like minded partners to my circle of carnality. I’m sure it has not escaped notice, but I deeply enjoy playing with women of various talents and offerings that are a bit differing then my own. From more severe to specialized, there’s a lot to be said for a balanced dynamic!

Seeking high and low, I’ve been wanting to add a partner who would more or less be the ‘sugar’ to my spice – if you catch my drift…and with tease and denial becoming such a fast favorite of mine, I’ve really enjoyed the possibility of taking that a step farther with a partner who’s boundaries are a little more expansive then my own.

With that build up in place…


Today, I welcome and publicly announce the availability of my newest Sister Siren, Mia!

Intuitive, intelligent and divinely curvaceous, Mia is a very decadent companion who’s sole purpose is to ensure your ultimate pleasure; but only after you’ve appropriately suffered at my hands.

My dynamic with such a smoldering temptress is absolutely everything some of you have been hoping for.┬áBeing a fiery courtesan, she is neither directly Dominant nor submissive, she simply is Mia – feminine perfection incarnate.




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