Where No One Can Hear Him Scream: 48 Hour Remote Session



Alone in the woods, he would soon sit, warming his hands desperately by a dying fire. Dropped off the previous day by my girlfriend with minimal camping supplies; my pet will be left to fend for himself overnight with nothing more then a gallon of water, a cell phone, a lighter, a granola bar and a sleeping bag.

By the time I arrive to the cabin nearby, he would be tired and hungry, very worn out and frankly, quite eager to see a warm bed.


His plan for our scenario was simple, he’d camp in the woods with bare bones materials – allowing himself to settle in to a sense of helplessness. He wanted to feel lost in the woods with little options at hand, and truly consumed by the murky stillness around him.

The day would turn into night and from sunset to sunrise, he’d have nothing available to ease his discomfort besides the creaking and screeching of woodland creatures around him. At noon the following day, he would pack up and leave his campsite behind, making a 3 mile trek by foot to a remote cabin where I’d be staying. It was miles from anything, buried deep amid acres and acres of heavy woods, with only a single road leading in and out.  It would be in a very real sense, the only glimmer of salvation around.


I’d play the role of the ‘benevolent’ backwoods woman, offering this poor tired soul a bath, a hot meal and presumably a place to stay until he was able to ensure a ride home. Only this time, as he’d deeply fantasied about, he’d find himself in the clutches of a devious Dominatrix in a place where no one can help him.


I’ve played out numerous scenarios in my career; some very lengthy and prescript-ed, some a week or so long, but none as deep and striking to my own fantasies as this. For as long as I could remember, I too have held such an interest….to be the witch to the Hansel and Gretel story, the Savior turned Sorceress – the image left behind when the veil of kindness is lifted…


I’ve had many visitors willingly arrive at my doorstep, but none arrive because they were out of supplies and they needed to rely on me for the very food and water they need to survive. How far will he be willing to push himself to get the very essentials? What torment or humiliation will he endure for the pleasure of a comfortable place to sleep at night? And will I keep the balance simply between him and I or might I call a few of my girlfriends over to play with my new ‘toy’.


For this upcoming 48 hour scene, we will both find out! And rest assured, I will be noting and likely taking photos of nearly every minute of it so stay tuned, and be jealous.




As an aside, for legalities…

I will mention this appointment is 100% planned and agreed on by both of us in front of a neutral 3rd party. My client will NEVER be in any actual danger, with many tracking devices planted on him for safety during his time in the woods. A stand by safeguard to bring emergency food, water or medical care will be constantly available – and he himself will have safe words to use should things become too much for his physical or psychological discomfort.

This is a consensual fantasy acted out by two adults of legal age, being of sound mind to predetermine this scenario. Both myself and my partner will never be in any danger and are not psychologically disturbed by the activities agree upon or the scenario chosen. 


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  1. Joe

    Has this happened yet? I am eagerly awaiting the recap. This guy makes me jealous.

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