Invitations Sent!



It’s been a busy morning for me, inching towards my computer to see the 30 of my invited party guests.

The response to my initial post was OVERWHELMING, I’ve been literally scrambling for the last few weeks to keep up, with a final tally of 229 requests, I started to rethink if perhaps my inaugural party should indeed be held in a larger location!

Sadly, throwing together a shin-dig in a commercial space takes more time and planning then I have between now and the looming date, so we’ll stick to this dirty 30 the first time around.

If you didn’t get an invite, I can’t stress enough that I don’t want you to feel disappointed. Names were randomly selected to avoid playing favorites – as most of you did in fact nudge me towards getting an invite on the sly. How can you choose when you so deeply adore all of your playmates?¬†With a crowd this small, that just wouldn’t have been fair or in any way balanced.

I’ll be hosting another event in 3 months so you’ll have another chance to attend – and next time, I may very well pick a bigger spot so we can all stretch out. I’m thinking it’ll be something on theme with “Getting Stuffed” – A New Thanksgiving Tradition; and yes, I do mean that in the filthy sense in case any of you think I actually might be referring to holiday food here.

In the meantime, if this intimate event has put kink in your crosshairs, by all means you and I can still connect individually in session. While my agenda fills out fast, I always make time for my sweet pets whenever they ask nicely.

At the moment, I have time from September 5th onwards; let me know if you care to join me.



  • As an afterthought, if you find yourself without an invite, please don’t ask me if you should have gotten one. I can’t keep up with the emails. Those who did get my message this morning have 48 hours to RSVP. If they don’t, new names will be chosen to fill their place.


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