September Updates: New Photos, Ads, Equipment, Offerings, Videos, Schedule – annnd I ran out of breath.

I’ve been trying rather hard not to make my blog entries seem like rapid fire updates on everything fun and fantastic that’s happening in my world, but this summer has been the busiest season of my life.  I simply haven’t had the same amount of time to devote to writing sexy stories and posting things as I usually do, though believe me, I’ve dearly missed it!
Fortunately, as happens every year once fall begins, the entire city and industry breathes collective sigh of relief as we slow down to a more leisurely and livable pace.
Currently, I’m lounging in my dressing room, watching a dark gray sky empty sheets of rain across my lawn. I’ve ached for this sight for months; a very telling and symbolic gesture that Summer’s hectic pace is finally at an end, and I feel like celebrating!
Before I do, I have a few things to mention while I have your undivided attention. As you can tell, a lot has been brewing under the surface in the last few weeks and man do I have some amazing new things to share with you!
First and foremost, as many of you know I’ve been posting some video content my Twitter page via Vine, but I’m going to have to start adding these to my website directly since most of them are much longer than that particular format allows – and some of them are definitely, much more graphic! Stay tuned and check back often, I won’t necessarily be making public mention every time I post a new upload.
You can also just follow me on Vine, if you don’t already:
Also, after a VERY long (well not really) wait, my custom made dungeon furniture finally arrived yesterday. It came in massive crates and there’s quite a bit of assembly in my future, but I’m thinking I can get most of that sorted out by the middle of this coming week. I’ve got a solid 2-3 days ahead of me that I’ll be working hard to piece things together in the midst of a few parties! I’ll do my best to show off my progress along the way, especially since I never did specify exactly what was being added except for a random photo here and there.
A bit vague for sure, but a metal cross, a mystery crate and some other attachment is in view.
In the meantime, for those of you who follow tnaboard, my magnificent and malevolent duo partner Mia, has posted our very first ad for a session offering we will simply call BDSMmmm™.
This offering is a long time coming; a highly developed mix of both worlds: sadism and seduction. With a few daring pets already having taken the plunge, I’m sure the reviews will be springing up quite soon. And you know reviews will say much more about the specifics then I care to…
Mia, being a vintage movie junkie, even came up with what we’re calling a ‘teaser’ poster.
And last but not least, my schedule! It’s been a bit tricky to connect with me the last few weeks due to a number of happenings, trips and events, but now I find myself with much more free time in the future and a widely open agenda with plenty of opportunities that are ripe for the taking. Here’s what’s left for September, but October is widely open, 11am-11pm daily.
21st Monday 12:30-2
23rd Wednesday 3:30-6
24th Thursday 1-4:30
26th Saturday 4:30-6:30
27th Sunday 2-5
28th Monday 11-11
29th Tuesday 11-11
30th Wednesday 1-7
31st Thursday 11-11


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