3 comments on “A Cabin in the Woods Recap: Day 1, Part 1

  1. What a hot beginning to what will hopefully be a longer story. I like that the role play is your fantasy, Victoria, not the sub’s. I like that it was created with your pleasure in mind, first and foremost, even though the sub likely derived immense pleasure from mutual shared interests. If other subs are like me, they enjoy a session most when they and their Domina not only share the same interests, but the Domina acts on them in a hedonistic way, at a time and place when she’s in the mood to play for the primary purpose of her own self gratification. I haven’t experienced a session like that yet (we have not sessioned together), but it’s the pinnacle of what I hope to experience in a session. The reason I like it so much is that the resulting dynamic is a juggernaut of pleasure for both the Domina and sub. Your pleasure feeds my own as a sub. This kind of session would imprint on my mind in a good way for a very long time.

    Thank You, Mistress Victoria, for sharing this and other fantastic blog posts. The sub involved here is truly a very lucky man.

    Final thought, in the role play, I especially like your no-nonsense approach with him regarding the bowl of cornflakes.

    Los Angeles

  2. Two years later and I still dream of being in this slave’s position. I’m like a moth to a flame with this role play. So delicious!

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