A Cabin in the Woods Recap: Day 1, Part 1

So, what happens when someone like me decides to take a good client, that I deeply adore, and drag him into my own personal fantasy?
You asked – I’m spilling all the steamy details.
If you haven’t been following my live tweets of this event on Twitter, he’s a bit of a recap – enjoy.
Day One: He arrived unexpectedly late, mud on his shoes and clothes still clinging to him from the sloppy damp campsite from last night, he was predictably cold and tired. Knocking on my door with a very very serious desperation – 5 miles from the nearest anything, he needed me and my help.
I played the sweet country girl, raised in the middle of no where and never having set eyes on a camper in person, at least not ‘this far out’ in the sticks.
“You’re not from around here are you, sweetie”, I cooed, channeling some version of a Southern accent as I took in his condition.
He tried to be polite, composing himself enough to take off his cap. “Oh, hi Miss, no I’m afraid I’m not. I was camping a few miles up the road and my car won’t start. Can I come in for a bit? It’s kinda cold out here and I’d like to call a tow truck.”
I leaned on the door frame, offering a flirtatious smile.
“Don’t worry you’re pretty little head stranger, you can come on in, rest by the fire and I’ll fix you something to eat while you clear your head.”… I opened the door and let him pass.
“You’re a bit late in the season to go camping, dontcha think? Not many people even come out this far when it’s warmer, you must be in one hell of a state!”
He smiled and walked in, leaving a trail of misery and mud across the maple floor, eventually slumping down by the fireplace. The stone supports held him upright; hungry and sleep deprived, the structure was literally keeping him in position.
I poured a quick bowl of cereal and came close, smiling at his depleted position. “Here, I made you a little something to get you going”, my hands extending the bowl before sharply drawing it back and grinning. He nearly snatched it out of my hands he was so famished!
”Not so fast stranger, I can’t have you getting my nice dishes all dirty, can I? Why don’t you take off your clothes and set them in the corner, then you can have a little bite.”
He really didn’t know how this scene was to play out and he was quite alarmed that I’d be starting in on him so soon – no nap, no shower, no proper meal. He reluctantly stripped, likely considering the reality of his new predicament. 3 days of this – he’s got no cell phone, no car, no nothing – just me.
I sat on the bench in front of the fire, wagging my finger to draw him close.
He stood naked in front of me, eyeing this tiny bowl of cereal like a 4 course buffet.
“You must have worked up a bit of an appetite, haven’t you?”
He nodded.
“I have some appetites of my own, you know…perhaps we can help each other out.”
His face froze a bit, not quite sure of my initial meaning, his big gleaming eyes looked back at me innocently, likely hoping I meant something like sex….something simple. I was, after all, just a lonely girl in the middle of nowhere, how often would attractive and available men be knocking on my door?
I unbuttoned my top a bit, pressing my cleavage high to get him focused in the right direction. My eyes peeking up at him as I teasingly held the bowl firmly in my lap…..“I want you to cum in it”, I laughed.
His expression was on of true surprise, but he was too hungry to argue so he sat in silence, trying to read the seriousness of my statement. The moment of silence annoyed me, I so generously was offering a meal, all he had to do was a little something for me first. How very rude of him.
“Cum in it twice, and the longer you delay, the more I’ll require”….
Taking the point, he wiped his grimy hands on his chest, clearing away whatever debris he could before clutching his cock tightly and getting down to business. The first bout, didn’t take long, moments maybe – before he dripped effortlessly into his breakfast. I could hear it hit the cornflakes, much more amusing then I expected.
“Now, do it again”….I ordered, half smiling, half mocking. He hadn’t even caught his breath from the first wave of pleasure before gearing up and vainly attempting to summon a second orgasm. He flailed at his organ with all the tenacity of a truly desperate soul, face gleaming red, sweat pouring down his body and arms tiring as he struggled against nature to perform on my command. Finally, results…a few pathetic drops into the bowl. I smiled up at him offering his reward – “some people pour sugar on their Cornflakes, for you, it’s semen.”  He cringed.
“Eat up darling”….
Breakfast went down quickly, too quickly, but a polite man never asks for more than he’s offered.
He brought his dishes into the kitchen and took a glance around, “Can I use your phone?”
“Oh honey, I don’t have a phone…..but maybe one of my girlfriends can give you a ride to town later. Don’t worry, you can keep me company for a few hours, clean yourself up and they’ll drive you to a diner later where you can call for a ride home.”
He shook his head and grinned – both of us knew I was lying.

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3 Thoughts to “A Cabin in the Woods Recap: Day 1, Part 1”

  1. Joe

    I suddenly want semen on my cornflakes too!

  2. Mike

    What a hot beginning to what will hopefully be a longer story. I like that the role play is your fantasy, Victoria, not the sub’s. I like that it was created with your pleasure in mind, first and foremost, even though the sub likely derived immense pleasure from mutual shared interests. If other subs are like me, they enjoy a session most when they and their Domina not only share the same interests, but the Domina acts on them in a hedonistic way, at a time and place when she’s in the mood to play for the primary purpose of her own self gratification. I haven’t experienced a session like that yet (we have not sessioned together), but it’s the pinnacle of what I hope to experience in a session. The reason I like it so much is that the resulting dynamic is a juggernaut of pleasure for both the Domina and sub. Your pleasure feeds my own as a sub. This kind of session would imprint on my mind in a good way for a very long time.

    Thank You, Mistress Victoria, for sharing this and other fantastic blog posts. The sub involved here is truly a very lucky man.

    Final thought, in the role play, I especially like your no-nonsense approach with him regarding the bowl of cornflakes.

    Los Angeles

  3. Joe

    Two years later and I still dream of being in this slave’s position. I’m like a moth to a flame with this role play. So delicious!

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