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TNA Handle: VictoriaRage
Service Type: Fetish
Incall/Outcall: Incall
Gender: Female
Body type: Curvy
Accurate Pics?: Exact Match
Name: Victoria Rage
Phone Number: (206)712-7194
Affiliation: Independent
Date of Meeting: 09/14/2015
Recommended?: Hell Yes!

Victoria Rage dropped a hint of the possibility of an enticing opportunity to me a while back. She was having a dear friend/slave visiting from the UK for a few days, and wondered if I might be interested in joining them for some shenanigans if they had some free time. Well, I’ll move heaven and earth to make something special happen with Victoria Rage, and so we arranged for our schedules to align for some hours.

We weren’t sure exactly what the scene was going to be – I shot Victoria a list of a dozen odd thoughts I had, and she and her friend (“Lady N.” I shall call her) mulled it over and had some of their own thoughts.

When I began my day-long journey to Victoria’s lovely dungeon, I didn’t yet know what the plan of the day was. Victoria, keenly aware of my travel schedule, sent me an email timed to be read about 30 minutes before my arrival, giving me the outline of the scene and my role.

The scene started the very moment I opened the door.

The time was Imperial Rome. I was an auxiliary of the Roman Army, travelling to negotiate for supplies and whatnot, and coming back into Rome from the Provinces after some adventures. My first stop was my favorite spa/bathhouse/brothel, to relax….

Lady N. answered the door, lovely, tall, imposing, firmly gentle in her ways, with an exotic accent. She bathed me and relaxed me with a massage, while innocently asking me about my travels… In an increasingly probing fashion…

And then… trouble began. The Empress herself arrived at the bathhouse. I was under suspicion of trading in information with the enemies of Rome… It was time to get to the bottom of things….

Much extreme interrogation and torture ensued. No real specifics – just trust me when I say that I don’t think the real Romans even came up with some of the delights and horrors that Victoria and Lady N. played with over the rest of the afternoon…

It was a great time.

Victoria was stunning, and positively reveling in her role. She changed characters, including costumes, several times throughout the scene, including one memorable appearance as the Queen of one of the German tribes – my god, her German accent is mouthwateringly luscious. (She carried out this part of the scene almost entirely in German…)

Lady N. was an absolute delight to meet, and I hope we run into each other in some of her future travels. I was immediately comfortable interacting with her – she had a great restrained energy about her. Her knowledge of the culture and history required for the scene was impressive, and the effort she put forth to create a fun improv was greatly appreciated. As well as her bravery 🙂

I got the sense that Victoria was very much enjoying showing off all sorts of novel decadent practices to her friend, and I myself loved being a part of the display, which I think pushed me to new levels of wickedness. I’ve rarely had such a relaxed fun time while doing such horrible horrible things, things I rarely do with people I’ve just met 🙂

Victoria’s dungeon continues to expand and achieve new levels of awesomeness. One of the pieces of new gear was so nifty I wrote it its own review:….age-s-new-gear

Thank you Victoria again from the bottom of my wicked debauched heart for inviting me over for this fun – it was a pleasure to play, and meeting your captivating friend Lady N. was delicious.

Folks – if you want a world class BDSM/roleplay/improv experience, by all means give Victoria Rage a call. Her talents continue to progress to new levels every time I see her, and every visit I learn something new.

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