New: Steel Suspension Unit – Another Expansion Of The Axom Priory!

With a glass of champagne in hand, I’ve found my second wind!

How could I resist the lure of sharing my newest dungeon addition with those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter? I know it’s almost 2 am, but it’s Halloween Eve and I’m focused on all the wicked adventures I’m destined for with my endless parade of dungeon upgrades.


Thanks to the unwavering¬†devotion of one of my personal slaves, my steel suspension unit has been moved into the main room of the dungeon and is available for immediate use and abuse! Pictured inside is my new floating bondage EMT table, littered with holes and plenty of attachment points, it’s also an interchangeable surface for my bondage table cage. (Oh the joys of custom furniture!)


In my excitement, I’ve just snapped some quick pics but will be taking a more professional shoot of my entire dungeon in all its updated glory soon enough. I’m sure this is more than enough to stimulate your appetite.


IMG_6476 IMG_6478


It’s also worth mentioning that my stretching rack is almost ready to be shipped. It may very well be the last piece of furniture I purchase¬†so I’m thrilled to be staring down the barrel of a completed dungeon.

I do NOT have this one item yet – but it should arrive by mid November – and you bet your ass I’ll keep you all informed the moment it’s up for enjoyment.


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