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Good evening my devilish darlings!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a loooong day.

Errands, updates and time with friends just ate up the last 22 hours for me, but after it’s all said and done – it was well worth it.

Trying to keep you all in the loop, I’ve made some updates to my website – adding several vine videos here and there, a new role play called “Electrical Immersion” to my Session Ideas page, new equipment and photos to my Dungeon Page and finally a tweak and polish to my biography, I feel I’ve been as productive this evening as any one human can be. Naturally, I’ll give some of these updates their own post, but for now – I’m just too beat for all of that.

I will ask a favor of your sweet boys; one of the most time consuming things I’ve done today is my bio and after an hour of trying to put undefinable feelings into back and white text, I could use a few thousand pairs of fresh eyes to go over this with a fine tooth comb and give me a shout if you catch any spelling errors or circular wording.

Everything in a bit of a blur for me at the moment….

Thanks in advance my sweets – and have devilish Hallows Eve!



About Victoria Rage


The most important thing you should know about me, is that I am a firm believer in self exploration, self indulgence and living life without hesitation.Being a devout erotic thrill seeker, I’ve always clearly understood that freedom and happiness are  obtained only when you are prepared to embrace yourself ENTIRELY – giving personal allowance to enjoy anything and everything your heart desires.


Though our daily lives do not ALWAYS afford us an opportunity to unleash our inner selves, I enjoy the ability and means to offer a sanctuary from judgment, hindrance and distraction when you’re able to escape the routine of your everyday circumstances.


Allow me to be the catalyst for your deepest desires…


I’m the very definition of a born leader and a person destined to take the road less traveled. Filled with an insatiable sense of curiosity and a fearless desire to follow my bliss, I’m hopelessly addicted to anything dark and mysterious. My passion for fulfillment is the driving force behind everything in my world. I do not make excuses for it, nor do I give in to restraint or hesitation when there is no need to. I simply can’t help but eagerly follow my own lusts, welcoming others in a sane and controlled environment; to do the same.


For me, kink was always something I did just because it came naturally, before I had words to put to it, I was drawn to the gratifying lure of control, exploration and exploitation. This has evolved dramatically over the years to become much more than an impulse, it’s a very clear and refined necessity for my happiness.

I realize now that I was very fortunately to always have a plethora of pervy and submissive volunteers to refine my talents along the way. At this point in my life, I have now been immersed in this decadent profession and lifestyle for over a decade. With a wealth of experience under my thick leather belt, numerous engagements with clients and 3 well trained personal slaves in my stable – I can think of no better focus for my attention and enthusiasm then to guide curious suitors to the uncompromising bliss of total surrender.

Whether that means surrendering to me or simply to the moment itself, I will teach you to let go, give in and get lost with me.

Personally, I do not find that pain is the only, or most useful, motivator for such an education. Though deeply compelling, I have found that Domination through seduction and provocation to be the most commanding implement of them all. To engage a partner not just with punishment, but with temptation, intrigue, pleasure and reassurance, leaves even the most repressed and defiant playmate eager to press their boundaries and push farther into realms of unknown exploration.


There are many paths one can take with a Dominatrix and BDSM naturally has many definitions which are unique to each person involved. I will respect whatever boundary or meaning that has for you personally.

I take enormous pride in being a responsible and trustworthy Top, therefore, my main concern aside from our mutual enjoyment, is the safety and well being of my visitors.

BDSM is not supposed to be something experienced with shame and regret. It’s not seedy; life threatening or dangerous, despite it’s quickly dissolving bad reputation. D/s related activities are most often experienced by very sane, normal, professional and educated individuals.

It’s a release – a way to express yourself, to feel sensations that defy description; and in most cases, it’s a way to relinquish power and control to relieve yourself of life’s typical responsibilities. Harmless fun and blissful release.


Basically darling, what I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter WHY you enjoy the things you do….just accept it….enjoy it….and let me open your eyes to something exquisite.

eyes to something exquisite.
Sleep well my darlings…..

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