Lady Rage Visits Leavenworth Washington

Last week I had a chance to do one of those Seattleite vacations that really solidifies your status as a Washingtonian.


I *finally* made my way over to Leavenworth, after years of everyone telling me how I simply MUST visit, I decided it was the perfect place to spend my week with family.

My trip started off as chaotic as most of my vacations do. A violent wind storm ripped through most of the state, cutting off power, slowing up roads, and in my case on highway 2, causing drastic flooding, down trees, rocks and other various adventures. I would complain that my trip took 5 hrs just to get a scant 120 miles, but as I later found out, they outright closed all of Highway 2 behind me and a small group of cars just after we passed. In short, we were the only group making it to our destination that evening.
For a long while, I accepted that this was my life now.
Once deep in the woods, it was very easy to settle into the warm atmosphere of the cabin.
The entire area was covered in a perfect layer of powdered snow, accented by the gentle rush of the river just a stones throw from my bedroom window. It was absolutely freezing, but thoroughly breathtaking!
The view from my bedroom…
Bedroom View
Sideview of cabin and surrounding woods.
Obligatory shot of my boots in the snow.
Obscenely content Dominatrix.
I slept harder that night than I have in my entire life, nestled in someone else’s sturdy wooden bad, surrounded by amenities and glimmers of hospitality strewn throughout my home for the week. Who would have thought I could be so comfortable in a stranger’s woodland cottage?
When morning came, I was greeted by the most amazing sight, just outside my bedroom patio, maybe a stones throw away, the gorgeous Chiwawa River.
BavarianPark Lake RiversEdge
From there, things just got better and better. Leavenworth itself was empty, the tourists all stuck with no open route to the attraction, so there was never more than a dozen people within sight during my entire stay. I went into every store unhindered, ate some of the best Bavarian food I’ve had in my life, even enjoyed a liquid lunch at an outdoor beer garden – all to myself and my loved ones.
When you think of perfect weeks, this is definitely one of them…
It was such a shame to leave.
Okay, this bird did stay by my side, so I bought him a pretzel.
My ride home was gorgeous too, with a sunlit highway paving my way for a speedy 2 hour drive back; everyone rested up and content in the back seat, squished between the endless bags of souvenirs, we poured over our photos and tried to invent reasons to return immediately.
You boys certainly made a point to impress on me the wonders of this place, and now I can’t wait to go back. I’ll be considering Leavenworth as a routine destination when I need a break from the city.
And, due to its remote nature, I think on a quarterly basis I will offer weekend get away sessions in the woods for playmates daring enough to spend time with me in the location so isolated that no one can hear them scream.
Who wants to join me?

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